Want a Guide for Life? Follow the Seasons...

Spring has sprung and Summer has begun! 

Is it just me, or are people more in tune to the change of the seasons this year?  Spring gently eased into Summer, marked by the Summer Solstice and made all of the more special this year with the anticipation of the Supermoon on June 23rd, the day when the Earth is closest to the moon. Get your cameras ready! Summer siesta

I remember craving Summer as a kid, watching the seconds on the clock the last day of school, joining a choir of thousands as we all sang along to Alice Cooper's "School's Out for the Summer." The rush of expectation is still palpable as those long languid days, and all that come with them, approach us.

But, it's more than sunshine, long walks on the beach and 4th of July BBQ's that are cause for pause.  There's an energetic shift that takes place as one season rolls into the next.  It got me thinking about endings and beginnings, how the end point of one thing is also the starting point of another, and how the seasons build upon one other so that the ending and beginning also represent a continuation, an evolution.  The Spring collective energy is all about newness, planting seeds, birth and re-birth; while the Summer energy is about gestating, slowing down, listening and allowing the time to linger.

When you think about it, if we would allow ourselves to go with the flow of the seasonal energetic shifts, life would unfold in the way it's meant to. Many times, when our heads get in the way and we impose our own next steps and deadlines, it causes more stress than success.  However, listening to our hearts and connecting to a higher source will never fail in putting us on the divine right path in the divine right timing. 

In other words, the Spring energy time is when we burst or birth a desire or plant the seed for a big idea, nurture and feed the desire infusing it with hard work and faith or belief.  The Summer energy time is when we allow it to flourish, letting go to the greater power of the universe, surrendering it to God so He can do His thing.  Rest, be lazy, take a siesta, get inspired, fall in love with the beauty around you, enjoy the Summer!

So, then what happens is we're ready to flow easily and effortless into the next season, when the Autumn Equinox takes place, which is all about harvesting and manifesting.  Well, that makes sense!

Sounds like a pretty great guide for life!

"To everything - turn, turn, turn
There is a season - turn, turn, turn
And a time for every purpose under heaven." ~ The Byrds

Be the seasons...

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Let's Make it a Happy NOW Year

A spider dangling from the ceiling.  That's what I woke up to on the first day of 2012.  My first instinct was to grab a magazine nearby and eliminate the unsuspecting offender, which is what I would have unconsciously done in the past.  But, based on the title of this article, I decided to take said magazine and guide the daddy-longlegs outside, releasing it to the wonders beyond. But, this cousin of Charlotte was having no part of it.  I lost track of it and found it scrambling back up its invisible web strand toward the ceiling.  There was something frantic about the way it ran for its life so I let it go as its spindly legs carried it off into the catacombs of my house.  We made a silent agreement to live and let live.  NOW Year

It got me thinking about how bold and fresh 2012 is going to be.  And, Charlotte's cousin allowed me my first act of making this a NOW year, rather than just a new year.  Changing the unconscious to the conscious and moving from the past or present to the now.

I had the divine pleasure of being with Marianne Williamson as she brought in 2012 at the Saban Theatre in LA.  There was something about being part of a collective consciousness - she was also streaming globally - that was more powerful and impressive than being alone while releasing 2011 and setting intention for 2012; impressive in that when her words reflected the many minds that were present with her, the impression was deeper and more active, collectively.  She talked about how giving yourself amnesty for all past misgivings, old stories and transgressions allows cause to reach into effect.  The effect being a new perspective in 2012 with a power of grace and presence of mind. 

Truly living in the now.   

So, how to make it NOW year?  Here are some thoughts to get your juices going:

  • Give yourself a 2012 theme - annual themes are great to keep you motivated on your intentions for the year.  To keep you in a NOW year, use the theme as an anchor to bring you into the present moment, as a constant reminder.  My theme for 2012 is "Bold Visibility."  What's yours?
  • Be awake - practice keeping all of your senses alive and stimulated by experiencing what life has to offer every day.  Don't be passive, be active in your own life.
  • Keep connected - maintaining an open pipeline with God and a communal connection with others can be a vital way of taking you out of your fear and expectation and into the now.  
  • Don't look back - the pesky past is the fastest way to take us out of the now.  The ego grasps onto old stories stuck in our subconcious that holds us back from the most magnificent now.  When you encounter gossip, or negativity, or complaints that stem from past beliefs try saying "That's so 2011!"  It sends the clear message that you're living in the now and holding yourself accountable for staying there.  

Living in the now is the only path toward living the life you're meant to live.

2012 is a powerful year for all of us.  Now is the time to give yourself the freedom to be all you're meant to be.

Happy NOW Year!


What Affects Change? What Do You Do About It?

“I think your self emerges more clearly over time.” ~ Meryl Streep

What a difference a year makes.  My head is spinning today, my mind full of reflection, introspection, jubilation, anticipation, wonder and… trepidation!  Now, admittedly right now the trepidation part is minimized by the other more effusive emotions and thoughts.  But, every year on my birthday

Mom and I share the same birthday. Here I'm 3, she's 26.

– yes it’s today – I spend some good time reflecting, etc.  Where have I come?  Have I done what I set out to do in my life in my life and career?  Am I the kind of person I’m meant to be?  Am I on the right path?  What’s the meaning of life?!  …and so on!  But, this year the trepidation is much different than it was a year ago.  The trepidation this year is more about being a year closer to fifty!  And, I would re-phrase it as an “anxious anticipation” about the various choices that now lie in front of me.  But, what a difference a year makes!

On my birthday last year, the trepidation outweighed much else.  The economic situation wreaked havoc on my career as it did on so many others.  I had many sleepless nights about what was coming next and how the people I worked with were also being affected.  And, the majority of it was completely out of my control.  Does this feel familiar to any of you? 

The changes that have taken place in my life in the last year can be pared down to a list of words or phrases that I hope you find helpful as situations emerge in your life and career.  I have taken the work behind each of them to build an incredible and fulfilling career where I help others build incredible and fulfilling careers.  Love that!

  • Freedom – of thought, of mind, of time, to get to what is really important to you. Once I was freed from that out-of-control place, then and only then did “I” emerge as never before.
  • Time – the precious commodity that you can’t get back once it's gone.  Be generous with the time you give yourself.
  • Authenticity – get to the basics and truth of what you love about what you do, or what you want to do.  Then, incorporate that into your daily life.
  • Values – when you align with your core values they drive all you do.  This has been the biggest ‘aha’ for me.
  • Transparency – be bold and communicate truth; show the real you always.  You’ll be trusted and respected for it.
  • Gratitude – what you’re grateful for abounds.  In other words, focus on what you’re thankful for and watch as more of it comes into your life. 
  • Joy – find the meaning for yourself in the prior six ideas and your joy will come.  Discover the joy that makes you look forward to starting each day!

What happened for me through this process is that I became so crystal clear about my brand and created a strategy for developing my platform that I’ve been teaching my clients how to do the same thing.  Pretty cool!


So, I find myself really wanting to shout from the mountaintops and share this with as many people as I can (one of my core values is empowering others).  I’ve decided to put on a teleseminar!  If you’re interested, mark your calendar for October 8 at 5pm Pacific for my first ever free teleconference call!  You can actually reserve your spot HERE

“Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once, whether you ready or not, to put this plan into action.” ~ Napoleon Hill

When I Grow Up I Want to Be an Old Woman …

Today I’ve been sitting in the sweet aftermath of a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and these Michelle Shocked song lyrics keep running through my head: “When I grow up I want to be an old woman…” paper-people-connections

And, when I’m that old woman, what I want to reflect on the most are my life’s connections, both the fleeting and the lifelong connections that made up the rich, elegant and profound fabric of my being. This takes me back to this recent weekend, which was full of just that – connecting; connecting to dear, old friends, to interesting new friends, and to faraway friends and family. And, on Saturday morning I volunteered at Operation Gratitude which is a wonderful organization that sends care packages to the troops. I went hoping to contribute something in a small way and walked away with an amazing feeling of global connection to the 4,000 men and women we packaged boxes for in that short three-hour time period. Wow, breathtaking.

It hit me this afternoon why I’m still glowing from this particular weekend and why those lyrics are stuck in my conscientiousness. It all reverberates strongly with one of my core values, that of “making meaningful connections.” It’s a primary driving force behind all that I do in my life, professionally and personally.

One of the key leadership principles we identify as Cashmere is “Be True to Your Authentic Self.” When you lead with authenticity, people are drawn to your sense of clarity which instills trust and loyalty. The path toward getting in touch with your authenticity starts with clearly identifying your own core values. What drives you? What makes you tick? What philosophies define your way of life?

Take a 20-minute break today and answer these questions with words and phrases that quickly come to mind. Many times the first notions that pop into our heads are the closest to truth:

  • What makes you say yes and jump into an opportunity or situation?
  • What makes you say no because it ‘goes against your grain’?
  • What tugs at your heartstrings, filling you up with love?
  • How do you define human behavior by the standards you feel in your bones?
  • What fills you with gratitude?
  • What fills you with determination?
  • What determines how you treat people and how you want to be treated?

For those questions that need a little more time for reflection, spend the time.

Every decision you make, every risk you weigh, every person you meet will ultimately filter through your core value system, whether you’re aware of it or not. It happens organically on a subconscious level. To be completely authentic and to seize full advantage of being present in your life and leading with purpose, take the time to identify, honor and utilize your core values, bringing them into your daily consciousness. It’s a powerful and centered place from which to lead your life and your business.