Bring Your Mother-Energy to Work

Lead With Compassion Mother Teresa said, “Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier.” As the quintessential world mother, Mother Teresa led her vision and life’s work through an open heart, with kindness and compassion. Mothers have been on my mind a lot lately. Two friends recently lost their mothers, while another just found out that she’s going to be an adoptive mother in a mere three weeks after waiting eagerly for years. It sparks the notions of the profound effect ‘mother-ness’ has on our lives. And, with Mother’s Day coming up this week, I got to thinking about how mothers are such natural leaders and managers. Ponder it for a moment. What are/were the innate cashmere qualities in your mom and other great mothers you know? Such qualities would be: Compassionate Empathetic Nurturer Listener One of the principles for being a Cashmere Leader is to... Read more →

Is ‘Happiness in the Workplace’ an Oxymoron?

With the current economic and marketplace stresses being felt by all of us, ‘happy’ is not an emotion many associate with being at work. Here are a few Cashmere tips to get your happy back on in your daily work life: · Breathe Breaks – schedule 3 to 4 ten minute breathe breaks into your Outlook calendar. Studies have shown that stress causes people to breathe improperly resulting in a lack of oxygen which can lead to low levels of concentration, negative thoughts as well as a myriad of health issues. Keep it simple. - If you have a door, close it; practice some deep belly breathing as in yoga; stretch your limbs; gaze out a window. If you don't have an office, find a room with a door and steal it for a moment! - Get outside and walk around the block or take a moment with nature, breathe... Read more →