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Then, Meet Them Here...

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I love the little moments, the game-changers that shift things, changing everything from that moment on. This was one of them.

I was doing a Creative Jam Session with a client recently, a woman who is brilliant at what she does. I mean crazy brilliant.

We were brainstorming on creative ideas to get her business going in a new way.

“She intimidates me,” she said, talking about a high-profile woman for whom she’d done some coaching.

I understood. The woman had some really impressive creds, was a genius at what she did and was running a large event where she was required to speak, which is where my client was coaching her.

She floated quickly through the comment, “She intimidates me.”

It got me thinking about the idea of intimidation and more apropos to our discussion, the meaning and weight placed on it.

One definition of Intimidation is defined as "inducing fear or a sense of inferiority." 

To my way of thinking Intimidation is a wall. It’s a stopper. It’s a dam that cuts off flow.

It creates a hierarchy, a ranking order that’s created in your mind. When you allow someone to intimidate you, you place yourself in the state of inferiority. 

The truth is, it’s not real. It’s a story you make up to keep yourself safe and small, to stay in place. Even when we’re not at all aware of it.

You can’t go anywhere when you’re in intimidation, at least not anywhere forward. How can you build a successful anything if you’re intimidated by the very people you want to work with, have hire you, partner with.

Meet Them Here

I asked what it was that she found intimidating about the woman. And, it was all of those things that made the woman fabulous, the qualities that described exactly the type of client she is hoping to attract. 

And, yet, I said, “she hired you to help her with something she’s lacking, something she’s not good at. And, that you are. Her expertise isn’t yours, but yours isn’t hers either.”

The thing is, you carry intimidation into the room with you. When you’re intimidated it makes you weaker and not fully authentic. It’s an unlevel playing field with jagged surfaces and bumpy paths.

I said, "it sounds like you’re in awe of her. You admire her."

And, the energy in the room shifted. “Oh, that’s so true,” she said. That was it.

And, based on the feedback my client received, the feeling was very mutual. Chances were very strong that this high-profile woman was in awe too, perhaps even a little intimidated.

So, what if you took intimidation out of the equation?

It’s been said people meet you where you are. So, if you’re continually intimidated, it's likely that the people who will meet you there are those who use intimidation, by those who are fed by the power of intimidating others to get what they want. Those relationships will not grow you, your relationships or your business.

Those playing at the higher levels won’t put up with the out-of-balance energy between you. They may not be able to explain exactly why, but they won’t want to work with you.

However, if you meet them at awe, then that's a reciprocal relationship that flows in a positive direction. And, you’ll be met at a higher level, at the higher vibration of awe.

It levels the playing field. Intimidation does not. Awe and admiration do.

So, change the meaning of and reframe your meeting reference point.

Zig Ziglar said, "The playing field of life is not level, and to compete in the game of life, you need an equalizer." 

Here are some equalizers that level the intersection: 

  • Meet each other at Awe.
  • Meet each other at Admiration
  • Meet each other at Expertise
  • Meet each other at Respect
  • Meet each other at Talent

That’s powerful. A true intersection of equals. A meeting that magnetizes and grows and nourishes. And, keeps people coming back for more.

So, who intimidates you? Be honest with yourself. There’s no shame in it.

Recognize the positive qualities that you admire, that you’re in awe of. Turn the mirror on what you bring to the table. What you’re offering.

Meet them there.

If they don’t return to the level playing field, turn and walk the other way. As Empowerment Coach Andrea Quinn calls it when someone doesn't meet you at your standards and qualities: “Not your people.”

Removing intimidation from the equation was the game changer for moving my client’s creative business forward.

Sometimes it’s hard to figure what it is that’s stopping us, keeping us from starting something or from following through or taking it to the next level.

We can’t see the clear path through the fog, or more accurately through the forest of obstacles we’ve placed in front of us. Intimidation is one of those obstacles.

Getting clear on your own talent, expertise, awe, will provide the beacon to remove the obstacle and that will lead you to the right people. Your people.

Exploration & Risk: Sexy Bedfellows?

Yes, it's a scary, sexy killer combo.

Free risk

When I pulled the word prompt card of the day, these two were stuck together. Exploration and risk. Are they meant to be linked? The two words often appear together when talking about science, business and space: Exploration and the risk assessment thereof.

But, it got me thinking about how a marriage between the two ideas offers an interesting allegory for life.

I think of exploration as a road of discovery. Forging around corners of the unknown. Being open to newness. Trying things on for size. Dipping into an experience before fully committing. Digging deep in the microcosm of a thing and then connecting the dots and meaning therein.

So, an explorer? An explorer is a seeker, a questioner, a non-settler. Can an explorer ever really be settled, or are they not happy unless in the field of exploration? Always looking around the next bend?

Risk on the other hand, to my way of thinking, takes exploration to the next level. To safely explore is coloring within the lines. Certainly nothing wrong with that, although often the outcome can be rather beige.

However exploration with risk, skating on the edge of discomfort, where  a choice made could be dangerous in terms of success or failure, yet doing it anyway: that’s risky exploration and is about being truly alive.

Risk-takers often jump without a net, the ultimate in self-trust. They dance in the precipice between staying small and living large.

The time that comes to mind for me is when I made the big cross country move from Michigan to LA to pursue the arts. I had never lived more than three hours from home and I was leaving my comfort zone and everything I knew to forge and explore the bumpy road of discovery. It felt like a big risk because I was heading into the unknown in a much bigger way than I'd done before. I could fail, fall flat on my face. But, I went anyway and it was such an exciting, temperature-raising time in my life.

Risk doesn’t have to be through grand public gestures. Internal risk involves leaping outside of our comfort zone. In fact, the switch often has to happen there, internally, before the great things transpire in our world. 

Within greatness, exploration and risk abide.

The pillow talk between these two bedfellows is passionate and limitless and at times volatile, volatile only in terms of their mutual vibration, vibration that pushes them beyond what or who they were before. Surrendering to this powerful marriage means to continually step up, to grab onto exploration and risk and go, simply go. It’s momentum and marks the powerful agreement that this undeniable nuptial demands.

Now that’s a tête-à-tête I want to be a part of. I’ll even share the pillow.


Surrender to Surrendering

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How Discernment Leads to a Life on Purpose

The word prompt of the day is discernment. It’s simply defined as the ability to judge well. There’s a certain amount of rigidity to the word, but when one is discerning there’s a trust of self that organically takes place, which actually is an opening for truth. If the discerning instinct is ignored it can lead to an error in judgment, a missed opportunity, a feeling of in-authenticity and even heartache.

I also think of discernment as a deliberate process. Sometimes it’s so clear it can happen in an instant, but often it’s not so clear. For big things that matter, there’s much more that goes into discernment. To my way of thinking, consideration of factors (what, when, who, where & how), listening to your own cues, allowing an organic flow to guide you and trusting divine timing are most critical. Making a choice, taking a step – or deciding not to – from that place is powerful discernment indeed.

It got me thinking about living a life with perspicacity, a deeper meaning for discernment. Such a great word! In other words, honing the skill of perspicacity will lead to a life guided by insight, intuition and intelligence.

These things come to mind: Discernment determines the next step

  • Slow & steady wins the race – take the time necessary to make a fully informed choice   
  • Know your own heart and mind
  • Be clear on what you value
  • Pay attention to the verbal & non-verbal cues
  • Commit to your choices

A lot of people do and say what feels good in the moment. In many instances this is all the acumen needed to move forward. However, discernment is taking it a step - or several steps - further, particularly in life’s big processes. "Yes, it feels good, but does it align with what I value?" "Does it align with my endgame or vision of purpose (whether it’s a life purpose, or a vision for a specific project/process)?" Or, "Will it distract me from what I really want and what's really good for me or the circumstance at hand?"

Moving ahead with something just because it feels good but doesn’t align with those things can create a false sense of fulfillment that can be fleeting and can derail you from your path or your true desire.

Patience is a virtue for a reason. It’s natural when something awesome presents itself to want it all right now! But the course of things, the natural order, the organic process of… takes time and a honed sense of judgment.

For example, 12-step programs only work when each step is fulfilled before moving on to the next step. Jumping from step one to step 12 will never work because it’s the foundation, knowledge, experience, steadiness and progress through the eleven prior steps that allows a full understanding, acceptance and power of the final step. Which is why they espouse a one-day-at-a-time mantra, as well as a tenet of progress, not perfection.

Related: 6 Reasons Why Progress and Not Perfection

It’s the same mindset and principle for many of life’s processes, from getting an education, to building a career, to going through the stages of grief, to falling in love, to exploring a new opportunity, to recovering from a trauma or drama.

The good news is it's often malleable, not carved in stone. Choices can be changed based on new information and deeper knowledge. It's really about slowing down in the moment, taking time, checking alignment and making a discerning choice. 


In Alignment - A Life Philosophy 

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Focus Pocus - Put Focus on Top of Your To-Do List

Fifteen phone messages need to be returned, 55 emails need to answered, the laser printer needs ink, a proposal needs to be written for a sales pitch, an annual report needs to be delivered in a half hour, your son called and forgot his baseball uniform, six employee evaluations sit on your desk - due yesterday, you have to reschedule a lunch meeting for twenty, oh and Hugh Jackman is on the Today Show...and it's only 9:15 a.m.

What do you do first? Does your list of tasks, obligations and deadlines leave you sitting paralyzed at your desk?

I recently re-read two books which continually have a profound impact on my life and career. It's hard to fathom that "Think & Grow Rich", by Napoleon Hill, was first written in 1937 because the principles still hold so true today. In fact, if you ask many of the top leaders currently, they'll tell you they built their formulas for success based on Napoleon Hill's brilliant insights and foresight. His book has become the Kleenex, if you will, or the generic brand, of platforms that teach us to focus on what we truly want in life as well as a clear blueprint to turn big thoughts into big reality.

The second book is "The Power of Focus", by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Les Hewitt, in which they layout a guideline for attaining clear focus on goals and creating new habits that lead to success. They say, "success isn't magic or hocus-pocus, it's simply learning how to focus."

A key attribute for being a strong Leader is to be a Multi-Tasker. An effective multi-tasker can have several projects going on at once, but to be truly effective, one must use what I call "Focal Point Clarity," which means peeling back the clutter around the current task so that it becomes your singular focus of the moment.

A great illustration of Focal Point Clarity was in the film, THE LEGEND OF BAGGER VANCE. Matt Damon played a golfer who had the ability to focus so clearly on the ball going into the cup that literally everything disappeared from his mind's eye except the ball, his club, the flag and the hole. There were no trees, no screaming crowd, no judge and jury, no wind, no mind clutter. Just his focal point - putting the ball in the cup. It's worth watching the YouTube clip if you can find 6 minutes.

Napoleon Hill said, "Hold a picture of yourself long and steadily enough in your mind's eye, and you will be drawn toward it." The same principle can be used for a task on your growing list of to-do's. Here are some tips to help you focus and get to Focal Point Clarity.

  • Stop to prioritize - list by due date and how long you think it will take to finish. You may Focus To Do Listhave to do this 2-3 times a day.
  • Schedule the time by project into your Outlook or calendar program.
  • Clear everything else off your desk except for your task at hand - this is immensely helpful for peeling back the clutter, allowing your Focal Point Clarity to take shape.
  • Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses - when you peel back the layers of the job in front of you, zero in on what makes you brilliant at doing what you do. Let that lead you. It brings some joy into the moment and before you know it, it's complete.
  • Keep a running list - when something pops into your head put it on a pop-up list; to be prioritized later.
  • Handle email/mail only once - shuffling it around makes your lose your focus. Add it to your calendar if you need to and let people know you'll be responding to email twice a day. That will help you stick to the schedule without being concerned about "ignoring" someone's email.
  • Set boundaries - set your own rules for interruption - hold your calls for a time, close your door, let people know when you're available.
  • Walk away - what does this have to do with focus? Taking a break allows your conscious mind to breathe while your subconscious mind continues to work. As Napoleon Hill said, "The subconscious mind works day and night."

And, some other good tips to help you focus in general:

  • 3 squares & 8 hours - get a good 7-8 hours of sleep followed by 3 meals filled with healthy brain food - proteins, anti-oxidants, grains, vegetables - during the day, particularly breakfast which revs your focus engine.
  • Exercise - a steady flow of oxygen in the brain helps us focus, so get moving on a regular basis.
  • Take vitamins - B Complex, A, C and E vitamins help keep the brain sharp.

The reason I picked up my well-worn copies of these books is because I can sometimes fall victim to the fast moving train of ideas, obligations and deadlines that flow by all day long! In fact, I like the train analogy because it describes how my brain starts my day.

I'm standing on the train platform, sipping my first cup of java, gazing at the myriad of trains leaving the station for that day, with my mind's voice yelling out the various ports of call, "All aboard! Platform 1 leaving for Writer's Paradise; platform 2 leaving for Client Project Cove; platform 3 leaving for Fabulous Brand New Idea Island; platform 4 leaving for Hugh Ja... you get the idea.

Then, I look down at the note next to my computer which says FOCAL POINT CLARITY, and I look at my PRIORITIZED to-do list that I made before I left work the night before. I board the selected train and begin my day's journey.

As a primarily right-brainer, I've learned that I must put Focus on the top on my daily to-do list, every day, day after day. After day.


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Two Ways to Recognize and Let Go of Fear

I recently got an email from a reader asking me to send her a post I'd written three years ago about dissolving fear, stating "I think it would be very helpful to me right now."   I happily sent it to her and decided updating and revisiting the subject might be helpful to all of us.  

“The key to change…is to let go of fear.” ~ Rosanne Cash   

The very word can stop us in our tracks sometimes.  FEAR.  It can keep us from making a decision, or from taking advantage of an opportunity, or from stepping into any situation that puts us out of our comfort zone. The very notion of fear can cause inertia. 

Scared kidLet's take a moment to re-define or reframe this word, to think about it in a new way.  Some define fear as False Evidence Appearing Real, in other words fear isn’t real.  And, there is truth to that sentiment. But, when you’re paralyzed by a fear it feels pretty darn real. 

Here are two new ways to redefine, reframe and dissolve the notion of fear:  

1. Fear as expectation – Think of a fear as a set of expectations. In a fearful moment, ask yourself: What are my expectations if I do this?  Then, make a list of all of those expectations.  

  • Do you expect that you’re not good enough?  
  • Do expect that you won’t be liked?  
  • Do you expect that you’re going to lose your job if you step out like that? Or you won't get the job is you speak your mind? 
  • Do you expect that people won’t think you’re smart if you say that?  

Write down what you expect to happen if you proceed with whatever you're holding back from.  When you see it in black and white, sometimes the simple acknowledgment helps to bring a light to the non-reality of your expectations.    

So what do you do?  The great news is you now have a chance to re-write your expectations surrounding the event or decision, making them positive rather than negative.  Literally create a set of expectations that allow you to move forward:  

  • I expect that they will recognize me as the expert that I am on this subject, that's why I'm there.    
  • I expect that if it’s meant to be I will make a connection at this meeting.  
  • I expect that I will be hired for this job if I’m right for this job, and I decide I’m right for this job.
  • I expect that they want me to nail this interview/presentation/audition. It will make their job easier.  

Then, what happens is fear is replaced by a stronger sense of courage and ownership of self.   

2. Fear as resistance - What is resistance exactly?  The definition of the word is: conflict, struggle and opposition.  It shows up just at the time when you’re about to learn something, or you’re about to make a change or advancement to your current situation.  Personal resistances are created in the mind.  They’re not real.  They’re not in the present.  Resistance takes place in the subconscious mind and it invades or stops the new thought or idea in the forefront of your mind.  

How does it show up for you?  Resistance can show up in little behaviors or obstacles that our minds create in order to avoid and mask fears.  Resistance can be a pesky little devil!  And, we can get really creative in our resistances.  Maybe you just haven’t had time to get to it; or perhaps you get tired or create a headache which makes you put it off again.  Mind chatter is another form of resistance.  Maybe you tell yourself that things really aren’t that bad where you are.  Or this is a silly exercise, what does it really have to do with getting a job or setting a goal?  

To get through a fear or resistance, let’s take a look at the notion of polar opposites and how what you want many times sits directly on the other side of what’s stopping you.  The Chinese say that on the opposite side of chaos is order.  In other words, what's in the way is the way. Whats in the way_j

The antonym, or opposite, of resistance is SURRENDER. This doesn't mean to give up or give in or throw in the towel.  By surrender I mean to trust what you can’t see in front of you yet.  Trust that the answers will come to you.  Trust in the quieting of the mind.  And, allow some space for compassion.  Tell your fear that it’s okay. You acknowledge it, but you’re moving forward anyway.  Surrender to just doing your best, your best in that moment.   

So, give yourself permission to recognize and reframe, then surrender and change your expectations.  If you do this on a consistent basis you’ll see the fears begin to dissolve.  We get fixed into a certain way of thinking.   

Yes, it’s uncomfortable.  But, that's the good stuff.  That's being alive and expanding.  So, I invite you to live in the uncomfortable, to become comfortable being uncomfortable. 


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Make What You Love What You Do

Labor Day is about honoring the contributions workers have made and are making to our lives, to our country and to the world.

But, it's also a time to rest, relax and regroup.  It got me thinking about how important it is to have sense of accomplishment and meaning in how we spend our time and in the work that we individually do. When we each aim for our own highest good then it also serves the collective highest good.  

For me, it comes down to simply this...

Make What You Love What You Do

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.  

How do you go about loving what you do as you do what you love?  

How do you discover what you're meant to do?  

Let's share and get the conversation going...


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30 Awesome Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts

This is a fantastic compilation of well researched ideas on how to spread your message and promote yourself and/or your blog/site.  I've already started to incorporate the ones I hadn't heard of before. Some of these are also excellent suggestions if you're promoting an event or upcoming show.  

Courtesy of Andreea Ayers of LaunchGrowJoy.  Andreea gives some blogging tips and then breaks down the 30-ways-to-promote ideas into five essential categories: Social Media, Bookmarking Sites, Your Contact LIst, Other Blogs & Syndication.  Brilliant!  

I just had to share the wealth.  




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Forge into the Unknown

There were so many amazing photos posted recently of the Blue Moon.  It was awe-and-then-some!  I took several moments on my patio, breathing into the seeming expansiveness in the air created by the sight of the magnificent orb.  I tried to get a photo, but couldn't capture it.  The best one I found was posted by my friend John Tamerlano on his FB page, so I'm borrowing it!  Thanks, JT.

Just looking at it creates a sense of wonder abouJT Blue Moont what lies beyond it.  It got me thinking about the Unknown and what an impact, good and bad, it can have on our lives, and how the prospect of the Unknown can bring on excitement, anticipation, fear or terror in varying degrees or all at once. 

As we strive to raise the level of our playing field we will continually approach and cross the threshold to the Unknown.

To my way of thinking, it's the actual threshold that has a tendency to hold us back.  It's the threshold that can symbolize the self-imposed barriers that keep us from forging into the Unknown. The fears that are in and of themselves not real because they are the types of fears that were born from past moments, past behaviors and experiences, past outcomes.  They were in the past, not in the present threshold moment.  

A threshold is by definition "an entrance or a doorway." It is also the "place or point of beginning; the outset."  And, to take it further, a threshold is "the point that must be exceeded to begin producing a given effect or result or to elicit a response."  

And, if you break it down, the Unknown in this reference means "it" just hasn't happened yet.  So, crossing the threshold into the unknown simply means beginning something that hasn't happened yet.  If you think about it with that scaled down perspective, forging into the unknown is like everything we do, every second of every day, because every moment is new and hasn't happened before.

Marianne Williamson says that "we either move in the direction of fear or we move in the direction of love." It's a choice. When you approach an unknown, whether it's a new scary project, or a request for help, or a huge job opportunity, take a breath as you approach and reach that threshold moment.  Ask yourself which choice you are going to make, one of fear which will likely keep you stagnate, or one of love which will propel you and give you forward momentum.  

Listen to the wisdom of your body. It knows the difference between the love and the fear. That gentle inner voice always chooses love.

  • Do a sense memory exercise. Think back to a time when you were completely fearless, when you had no inhibitions.  What did it feel like?  Remember the ease, the effortlessness?  
  • Feel called to break the rules. Say it outloud, "I release the urge to play it safe."
  • Let go of the need to be right.
  • Take the first step, every day.  Then, another. Then, another.
  • Don't try. Do.
  • State your self-beliefs as a creed, or manifesto. "What I have to offer I offer with love. I am not cookie cutter. I'm unique. I have an unusual power. I'm good at forming my own communities. I make valuable contributions as a leader. A storyteller. A communicator. I am fearless." 

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do one thing everyday that scares you.”  Yes, even when you make the choice to move in the direction of love as you forge into the unknown, it may still seem scary.  But, it's because you haven't done it yet.  It may still seem scary.  But, do it anyway.  

Choose love. Forge into the Unknown with a knowingness that it's no longer unknown. 

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Ready to Leap? Create Your Best Leap Life


“We have an inner thermostat that determines the amount of love and success we allow ourselves. When we exceed our setting, we tend to sabotage ourselves so that we can return to the old, familiar zone where we feel secure. The thermostat was set before you could think for yourself, usually in early childhood.” ~ Gay Hendricks, The Big Leap

Since Leap Day is an extra day this year, think of it as a gift, the perfect day to take a moment, take a breath and decide where in your life you want to leave the status quo, where you want to take giant leaps! 

I’ve been thinking about Leap Year for several months now, about how I want to take huge leaps in all areas of my life.  Leap Year only comes once every four years, but the beautiful thing is that you can live in your own Leap Life, every day of your life. 

Simply put, Leap Year was established to help the calendar year catch up with the solar year.  But, what if we thought of creating a Leap Life, not in terms of trying to play catch up with your daily tasks, but rather in terms of focusing on playing bold and taking risks in a way that takes you to the next level?

What would that look like for you? 

Make a list. Let’s call it a Leap Life List.  Now, this List is different than any other kind of list you might create.   It’s different from your bucket list, which includes everything you Create Your Best Leap Lifewant to do before you kick the bucket; or a list of intentions or set of goals, which is full of items you intend to do within a certain time frame; or a daily to-do list which usually makes you feel like you’re trying to just keep up. 

No, your Leap Life List quickens your pulse. Each and every entry on your Leap Life List creates a sense of excitement, a rush of adrenaline and an explosion in your heart. These leaps can change your life!  I’m not talking about danger, but rather those things that you’ve always wanted to do that create an immediate fear factor.  What scares you but makes you also smile or even laugh to your core when you think of you in that situation? 

Set aside your rational strategic thinker when making this list.  There’s a time and place for that too.  But, this is all about being bold, moving beyond what Gay Hendricks calls in his book The Big Leap, your “Upper-Limits.”  We all have them.  When fear creeps in and you stop yourself from moving forward, you’ve hit your Upper-Limit.  The Leap Year List is all about going beyond your own limits.

Extreme athletes, high-risk takers, successful entrepreneurs all live within their Leap Life because they allow their adrenaline to rule and they give themselves permission to push their limits. The adrenaline and risk evolve into exhilaration and joy.  It’s their way of life, the only way. 

Think about all areas of your life:

  • Career – think huge, dream big.  What makes your heart pound and sing at the same time?  

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  • Health – how can you stretch yourself physically and emotionally?
  • Relationships – what can you give that’s beyond your current wildest dreams? To the point that pushes you beyond discomfort?
  • Spirit – think beyond conventional. What can you do to thrive at a higher vibration?

How are you going to use this year to create the Leap Life you want to live?

“Outside ideas of right doing and wrong doing there is a field. I'll meet you there.” ~ Rumi

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The Power of the Seed

By Cindy Yantis

It was announced in Variety last week that the Tony Award winning play, The Normal Heart, is finally being made into a film, and with no less than the brilliant Ryan Murphy directing.  I found this news particularly exciting because I witnessed firsthand the very beginning of the fast moving surge that's culminating with the film.  

My friend, actor and producer David Youse, had the spark of an idea to bring Larry Kramer's 1985 masterpiece back to life for its 25th Anniversary.  He had Mr. Kramer's blessing, then hired Oscar & Tony winner Joel Grey (that's David and Joel to the right) to direct a star studded reading at The Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles which has raised over $175,000 benefiting several AIDS organizations.

David & Joel GreyA New York reading starring Glenn Close followed which really created a buzz.  Broadway producer Daryl Roth took the play to Broadway and The Normal Heart won three 2011 Tony Awards including Best Revival of a Play!

Now the film, which is being produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Pitt's Plan B Entertainment. 

It got me thinking about the power of the seed. 

I watched the Tony's with David and his joy for all of those involved was palpable.  I thought Ms. Roth should have given a shout out to David in her acceptance speech because her Tony Award never would have happened without David.  He didn't have a role in the Broadway production, which he should have, but it all started with him.  She did thank him privately and told him he was the seed.  Was he ever!  What grew from his generous notion over 18 months ago is truly a spectacular thing.  In my humble opinion, everyone involved in the continuing growth of this jewel of a project should know about the seed, their seed. 

It's a good thing to keep in mind as you plant seeds of your own.  You just never know where an idea will take you.  What's important is that you continue to nurture it, to build on it, to share it, to be tenacious in your drive to see it come to fruition.  It's truly thrilling to see what can grow from that initial seed.

Good things are certainly coming to David due to his excellent work, and he's growing new projects as I write this.  A powerful seed can't help himself!  In fact, 2012 marks the 25th Anniversary of Steel Magnolias, and David is producing the comeback of that as well, with a Benefit Reading of Robert Harling's wonderful play, complete with star studded cast and directed by the incomparable Judith Ivey, to raise monies for The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  Watch out Broadway.  The seed is on the move!

Ryan Murphy, if you by chance happen to read this, David Youse needs to be a part of your film.  Not only is he a tireless and generous producer, but the seed can act, brilliantly actually.

I'm just sayin'.