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Better Than a Gold Rush


I’ve been noticing something lately. It comes on softly, and often, so much so it usually slips by unnoticed. Fleeting. Little rushes. A vibration running in the background. Backup singers in my daily soundtrack.

It’s the small rushes of gratitude and love. So rich. Richer than a gold rush. 

The thing I noticed is that they literally happen all the time. It’s tiny moments that trigger them.

My cats, endless rushes of love that sprinkle my day, with his curious fascination as I do yoga, her kiss to my forehead, his headbutt nudge against my shoulder. Rushes.

Text, calls, and time spent with family and friends. Rushes.

Things I've taken for granted around my house, things I love that make me smile, like Grandpa's ashtray that's now a candy dish. Rushes.

Most often you don’t notice or take the time to notice the tiny feeling that lasts a fraction of a second. But if you strung them all together, it’s a lot of gratitude, love, joy, and satisfaction.

Whatever they are, I’ve noticed how each of these instances triggers soft gratitude or hums of love. Literally hundreds of rushes every day.

The minute encounters on the way to the mailbox. As you’re walking the dog. In the grocery store aisle. At the gas station. Appreciating a view you’ve seen and appreciated a hundred times.

Gazes at the sunrise, sunset, passing storm, waving trees, wandering deer, canoodling older couples, giggling children. Notice the soundtrack.


Wayne Dyer said: “We are God. God is love. We are love.”

Ram Dass calls our true self, the one at our core, “loving awareness.”

It got me thinking, if this is our natural state of being, the rushes and fleeting moments of love and gratitude are constant reminders of who we are.

And fear, angst, negativity, worry, anger, etc., are unnatural states of being. They cloud over the sun. It’s a great reminder that even when the clouds are thick, the sun, the loving awareness, is there. When we're challenged by health, finances, or circumstances out of our control, perhaps knowing we are love, at our core, might help ease things at the moment. Even if just for a moment. Moments string together too. 

I find that comforting.

Rumi said, “You are the soul of the universe. And, your name is love.” Leave it to a poet.

So those little rushes all day long are glimpses, reminders, and recognition, of your true self. The soul coming through.

More, please.

My parents came for dinner recently. I was serving pasta with my favorite Trader Joe’s turkey meatballs. My mom asked if she could bring a salad, “something that goes well with pasta.”

Mom always makes things extra special. She came with her picnic basket covered with a colorful tea towel and filled with fresh flowers in a vase of treated water, a mason jar of extra treated water to keep the flowers fresh, a delectable salad, and homemade dressing.

She shows up as love.

Dad reflected, “I’ve never been happier.” He said, “I could be living in Santa Barbara and looking at the ocean every day and not be nearly as happy as I am right now – surrounded by people I love.” He held our hands. “I’ve never been happier.”

To which Mom said, “He says that every day.”

He walks in love. It’s no wonder they’ve been together for 64 years.

They piggybacked and confirmed my thoughts: Love and gratitude are who we are.

It’s no small thing – yet it’s a simple thing – to remember that you’re love. You’re gratitude. It’s simply getting back in touch with who you are.

Hmm. More, please.


[Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash]

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