Reflection on the Year of Light
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A Year of Balanced Action


It’s been a whirl of a year so far. Already, and it’s only mid-January.

And I asked for it! Here's how.

Prior to the end of last year, as I do every year, I took a few days to reflect and renew. Reflect on the year that was and what I wished to leave behind.  Then, renew by focusing on the year to come and where I want to expand and grow.

It was with curiosity and not judgment that I ventured into this inquiry. This was in important part of the process. A conscious choice.

Judgment mires you down to where you were stuck. It keeps you focusing on the negative, judgy self-talk.

Curiosity sheds light on things. It creates wonderment and a growth mindset.

So, with curiosity, I pondered it further with an exercise of 'more-of-this, less-of-that.' Such as:

  • Less stagnation, more action
  • Less hesitation, more just the next step
  • Less perfectionism, more acceptance
  • Less scatter, more balance
  • Less hiding, more brave expression

The weight that felt heaviest – the load I wanted to heave furthest into the past – was stagnation. Also, hesitation and perfectionism - all stoppers of creativity, and progress.

As I visualized this year ahead, I saw more completion, more income from doing what I love, more soul-aligned people in my community and inner circle, more love, more play, and more abundant creativity.

I asked my future self, a year from now, “How did you do it? How were things different this year?”

She said, “You were brave. You were bold. You took action. You were in flow.

“Ah, action. Yes,” I responded.

Seems simple, right? It is because it’s intentional.

So, back to my observation at the top: the year started in a whirl, and I asked for it.

It’s because my word for the year is Action.

However, that was just the first layer. I like creating a theme for the year. The theme is the throughline, the blueprint that takes my intention to a DNA level. It seeps into everything, all areas of life: business, friend and family relationships, creative work, health, finances, community, joy and adventure.

My theme is Balanced Action.

The action is the drive, the push, the accelerant, the momentum, and the high energy. The masculine.

Balance is the flow, the pause to catch up, the self-care, the zen, and the dance. It's the softening of the edges. The feminine.

What does balanced action feel like?

  • It’s steady, aware, and present.
  • Alive energy.
  • Take a step, pause, and catch up. Leap, pause, catch up.
  • Dance and dip, lead and follow.
  • It’s masculine and feminine energies working in tandem.

It’s alive energy and excitement. I can feel my body circulating. That’s how balanced action feels.

Are stagnation, hesitation, and perfectionism still going to show themselves?

Yeah, sure. I’m human. Stuff happens. Obstacles are real. Fear creeps in.

But I now have a mantra that activates my inner GPS: I am in balanced action.

I’ve been starting each morning with that. I am in balanced action. I say it to myself throughout the day.

I am in balanced action. One step or leap or pause at a time.


Photo by Ashley Bean on Unsplash