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A Year of Balanced Action

Reflection on the Year of Light

The sun was a glowing orb framed by dark-rimmed clouds.

Ever present the sun. The light. I was reminded again about how the light of the sun is always there. It doesn’t have to try, it’s ready to show up, to shine through as the beacon for all that is and will be. It's comforting.

Light was my word for 2022.

As I was filling the dishwasher about a year ago, the phrase flowed into my mind: 2022, the year of light.

My intention for the year was to seek the lightness of being, to follow the light of my spirit in all areas of life.

Today, there is much to ponder and reflect on. To share.

So, what has come to light?

In random order, here are a few things that have bubbled up and stayed with me. Perhaps it will spark in you things that have come to light for you in the past year.

Our eyes are our spotlights. I try to refocus my attention on what matters.

Faith illuminates from within. It’s the light of spirit that’s always on. It’s lovely to know and trust that. The inner knowing. The intuitive gut that’s in constant communication with the heart. When I listen to her, she always knows.

Decisions and choices come quickly and solidly when made from that place.

One month into the new year – and two months after closing on my new house – I was laid off from my corporate gig where I’d been for over a decade. You might think my year of light was being tested, that it would have been a dark moment. But what was so surprising was how light I felt, how free. In truth, I felt lighter than I’d felt in a very long time. Hmm.

Certainly, I was catapulted out of my comfort zone, and many unknowns were in front of me. But that was when I leaned into my year's theme. I followed the light of my creative intuition, embracing sparks instead of falling into the next job in a field that no longer fed my spirit. Sparks that led to the kind of expansion I’d been giving lip service to for years.

Stanley Kubrick said, “however vast the darkness, we must supply our own light.” There are still many unknowns. But my lights are on. I’m building and creating this next act on my terms. It feels damn good.

I am here (really we all are) to create, collaborate and cultivate my legacy and purpose. The truth came to light as an aha. I always knew I was here to create, but the light switch was this added realization. All my greatest joys and successes have been creative collaborations: with characters in the stories I write, with partners and producers, with co-workers, with clients, with friends and family, with editors and teachers, with love partners, with my higher power, with God and the universe. Seems simple, but it was an explosive self-recognition. This knowing shines a beacon on my path now.

To create and collaborate is the holy grail, inner and outer light.

The future self sheds a wise light. A practice I often use with creative clients, I sometimes utilize myself. When faced with a decision or choice, I ask what my future self would say. The advice is usually simple and knowing. Brave and wise. Give it a try!

So, back to the sun. This morning as I peeked at the sliver of sunrise on a frosty morning (in Texas!), it was a clean slate. I felt light, airy, free, and grounded. Excited to play.

The word that came to me was delight. I thought, what a lovely word to cap the year.

May you find delight in the light of your being.

What came to light for you this year?


Photo by Julia Caesar on Unsplash