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Reflection on the Year of Light

Your Must Question

Sometimes a happy accident appears in your day that sets thoughts and motions in different directions. If you're paying attention. 

I was scrolling through my email when the subject line, "Your must question," caught my attention. "Your must question."

At least, that's what I thought it said. Looking closer, it was actually, "You must question." Ah, that made sense. It was a directive by Ryan Holiday in a discussion about how, based on Stoic philosophy, it's important to continually question ourselves and the world. It's the way we grow, learn, pivot, and change. Couldn't agree more.

But, I kept thinking about the other, what I thought it was. Your must question. That little happy accident lit me up!  It got me thinking about passion and purpose and soul work, and dedication, devotion, and commitment. 

Must. What must I do? It feels driven. A definition for the word that resonates in this context is "an imperative need or duty." A "requirement." 

What must I do? It's a what-drives-you-what-pulls-you question. Deep. A heart-pull. A gut-push. 

What must you do? What drives you? 

This is a deep must. Not a guilt-ridden, fear-based "have to" or "should." This deep Must is a calling. It's intentional. And it's unavoidable.

If you're listening. Paying attention. 

Your Must question seeks a pause and an immediate response. 

Ask it. Pause and breathe into it. Trust the response. 

If your deep Must is your calling, purpose, or big why, it becomes a daily directive. The questions lead to powerful statements and affirmations.

Questions: What must I do or receive today that --

  • --Accelerates me on my path?
  • -- Serves my family or community?
  • -- Serves my health?
  • -- Nurtures my relationships?

Leading to powerfully intentional directives:

  • I must create.
  • I must have balance.
  • I must connect and share with others. With myself.
  • I must refuel by quieting. Time for thought. 

Must elevates "can" or "want" or "will." The intentional Must has fuel. It's a great inquiry at a crossroads in midlife. At any crossroads. 

Your must questions, asked and pondered often, can be transformative.

Keep asking. 

Something to think about. 


Photo by Laura Lefurgey-Smith on Unsplash