An Anthem for a Certain Age
Finding Space in All the Noise

Today is a Clean Slate

My sunrise
The sunrise is a clean slate.

That was the thought, the inkling, that popped into my head while meditating in front of the morning's sunrise (the photo is the sunrise off my patio).

It got me thinking how, even as daily tasks and to-do's can at times feel like Groundhog's Day, the fresh perspective of a clean slate at the dawn of each day provides an opportunity to create a more satisfying and expansive experience. 

Each day. A clean slate.

It rejuvenates the status quo. It changes the more-of-the-same game. It's a shift in energy.

It can give our big continuing projects, our most important WIP's, new life. 

Just the notion of a clean slate feels like a cool breath. In fact, just uttering the phrase feels fresh. Give it a shot.

Today is a clean slate.

Each day is its own opportunity, its own time capsule. 

So, then the sunset provides the space for the final strokes of the day, the opportunity to feel a sense of accomplishment and gratitude, just for this day. 

What will you create today?

Something to think about...