What To Leave Behind In 2020? Here's Mine
Be Kind to Your Mind

A Year in Motion


My word and theme for 2020 was Connection. Ironic, considering. I went back over my intentions from a year ago and laughed out loud at what was at the top of the list: more mingling, less isolation. It almost feels like a cosmic joke after spending most of the last few months in more isolation than ever.

But, the wisdom that rose up while reflecting on it is that it was a gift rather than a joke. The connecting that did take place, virtually and in small pods, was profound and real and set the stage for more, deeper, lasting relationships. It just looked different than what I'd visualized.

The stagnancy that permeated for me during the pandemic was also very real, often stuck in place in a perpetual pause while wondering, like everyone else, when things are going to get moving again, when projects can go into production, when jobs are back at the office, when kids are back in school, when dinner parties and game nights can occur without worry again. Certainly, I was fortunate, living alone and blessed with good health, to be able to take advantage of some of that time, to go deep and explore the inner workings of what makes me tick. The connection to self has been off the charts. 

So, in rolling into 2021, it got me thinking about the best way to emerge from 2020 that feels elevating and evolving, which brought me to the word and theme for this year.


It’s a great one to unpack.

I find an annual theme is such a useful tool. It’s a constant reminder, a touchstone, a mantra running in the background, a way to start and end each day.

The word motion is both a noun - an act, process, instance or body part in motion; an active condition; a proposal for action; a mechanism the moves from one place to another - and, a verb - to signal by a movement or gesture.

I’m making a motion for more motion.

It’s not simply forward momentum. It’s energetic. Kinetic.

And, music to my entire system, it's non-stagnant. 

Motion is a stirring.

Motion is a shift, a relocation, a blur.

Motion can be infinitesimal and massive. It can be a tortoise or a hare.

Motion is leaning into what feels good.  

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” Rumi

It hit me that a commitment to motion involves the multi-faceted self. A life in motion is fed when the facets all work together, like a well-tuned machine.

Here's how I'm doing it. Perhaps it will spark something in you too.

Body & Breath in Motion – it's deep breathing (how often do you find yourself holding your breath), yoga, walking, food as fuel rather than therapy. Research shows that motion and movement augment brain function too: supplying brain cells with oxygen thus promoting the production of new brain cells and synapses.

Thoughts in Motion – release mental clutter, choose elevating thoughts, 8-hours of sleep, read good books, pay attention to the thoughts I allow to move in and out. 

Faith in Motion – pray, read inspiring literature, meditate, journal, be of service.

Love in Motion – connect consistently with my people and receive new love. Look for ways to give. Gathering and giving is love in motion. Self-care is love in motion. 

Words in Motion – write every day. Focus on the process, not results. Write every day. Surrender to the stories. Communicate thoughtfully and clearly, in spoken and written word. Pay attention to the words I tell myself too.

Home in Motion – declutter and release all that it’s inessential. Move the household often to shift energy. I've devoted the month of January to an overhaul decluttering and already, as I say goodbye to carloads of donations and bags of trash, I have so much more space and energy in my home, which opens up energetic space everywhere else. 

Money in Motion – save, invest, tithe and plan for what’s next. 

Pleasure in Motion – look for the joy every day, in the small events as well as planning and dreaming in motion for when we’re able to travel and play more freely.

As I set each day in motion, I intend to seek where I can improve, to be better, kinder, more generous, inquisitive, focused, faithful, insightful and present.

That’s a life in motion.

What's your theme for 2021?

Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash