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Barrier or Boundary? It Starts With a Thought


Energy is pretty intense these days. I've been thinking a lot about how the energy of others effects our own and vise versa. I find it interesting how external waves of energy, both positive and negative, seep inside us and can become part of our personal reality. 

And, taking it more internal, how negative thoughts and energies can either fuel us upward or completely derail us from our path.  I know I can go down the self-fulfilling path of self-criticism and judgment. 

Then, while deep in meditation as I asked for guidance, a message floated through: 

You were born with all of the power and energy of the universe within you. It is innate, positive, and always surging. 

Then, came two questions:

Why would you give any of that substantial power away to critical talk and thought about yourself or others?


Why would you direct any of your deep well of energy and power toward fear or shame or guilt or resentment or any of the low vibrations that keep you small? 

It got me thinking about how, as an individual and as part of the collective, it is our profound responsibility how we utilize and direct our energy. We are doing a disservice to ourselves and others when we waste our energies on negativity, toward ourselves or others. 

Those negative thoughts and energies act as barriers, keeping you small, holding you back. There's way too much good to be done with what you've been given. The world needs your gifts. 

To my way of thinking, one key to help remove the barriers is to create power boundaries.

Barriers hinder and impair us; boundaries aid and set us free. 

I got to thinking about how effective personal boundaries can be when you set them for yourself in your work and relationships; they foster a space for free and open communication, where you set requirements for what works for you. Why not do the same thing with our thoughts? 

You can create thought boundaries where only thoughts that serve and feed the higher good and the best intentions are allowed. I've been playing with this. When a thought comes in that makes me feel bad or causes discord, I ask:

Is this thought for my highest good and intention, or the highest good and intention of others? If not, can I sit in the possibility of a new, better thought? 

It's a practice, one that is creating a shift, a movement I can really feel, that's redirecting my inner power toward the positive. I can say it feels good to have more space to expand and grow and to do the work I was born to do.

I mean, just this morning a subject line appeared in my inbox about 'activating the power of the universe within.' Kinda feels like a confirmation to me. 

~ Cindy Yantis

Photo by Carles Rabada on Unsplash