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What is Significance?

What is significance?

I got to thinking about this, this week when someone mentioned the significance of the date 4/20, at the same time that so many significant dates are also on the calendar. Dates that signify and recognize events with special meanings, like Passover and Easter, wedding anniversaries, birthdays of loved ones who have passed on as well as those commemorating a new year. New beginnings and endings. Full moons and planet retrogrades.

It got me thinking as well about the power we have over what and where we place significance in our lives.

To be significant is to be important, to be singled out, to be considered of high value, as in one's significant other.

It's the magnitude and weight of the attention you place on it that makes it significant. And, the meaning you impose or create around it.

How do you determine what is significant in your life?

I find, more and more, with all of the many things that push and pull us every day, that discernment and careful consideration are what guide me in determining what's significant. It's a start to the essential and organic syphoning off of what is not important.

And, the bar continues to rise as we become more clear about our values and purpose. If the thing doesn't rise to meet that bar, then it makes it so much easier to focus your valued attention on what does.

Some thoughts to ponder heading into the weekend...

What meets your high bar of significance?