A Life of Intrinsic Value
A Bit of Midyear Perspective

The Power of Your Own Light


Greeting the sunrise on the longest day of the year, on Summer Solstice, I couldn't help falling in love with the sun all over again, appreciating our greatest external source of light, and how dependent everything on Earth is on the light and strength of the sun.

And, it's comforting to know that the sun is always there, even on stormy overcast days. The sun is there just behind the clouds. It never truly goes away.

Summer Solstice is a good time to reflect and to connect to our own inner light as well. And, we have that in common with the sun, in that our inner light is never extinguished. 

I recently got a porcelain Buddha diffuser for a friend's birthday. When you place a lit votive candle inside of it, the entire being illuminated with light. 

We are like that all the time, illuminated from within. The light is never extinguished. 

At a recent retreat, I settled into a lovely room to drop into meditation. The room was dark and I felt around for a light with a dimmer switch to help my eyes get used to the dark.

It was probably an hour later when I glanced toward the wall of windows on one side of the room. It faced the backyard, which was lit beautifully with soft strings and groupings of light. It took a moment, then I couldn't help but laugh because all of that light had been streaming into the window all along, I just couldn't see it at first. The reflections of those yard lights danced at interesting angles around the room. There I was fumbling around for the dimmer switch, when the light was already there.

And, I had a thought. Light always finds its way. And, light always illuminates the dark.

So, if we are light beings, and I believe we are, then it stands to reason that we always find our way too.

That led to a myriad of thoughts about light during that meditation. Some inklings to ponder...

Our inner light is what illuminates our path, so we can find it and follow it.

When an intersection presents itself, if we’re paying attention, our light becomes a street lamp rather than a beacon, pausing to give us time to consider our options.

Our highest light, the light connected to source, or God, is like a huge Hollywood spotlight, continually purveying the larger view. Always knowing what’s ahead. What to avoid. And, where to go.

Light has no emotion. I wondered if our light has feminine or masculine qualities. But, the hit I got is that it’s asexual. It’s non-emotional. It shines the light on our emotions but it doesn’t judge them or determine right or wrong choices. It simply illuminates so we can choose for ourselves.

Sometimes there are those who always have to have the brightest light. They do whatever they can to make sure everyone knows how bright their light is.

But, here’s the thing. Chances are their light is going to burn some people along the way with how hot bright their light is. Often, it may seem just easier to dim yourself down, or even worse to allow them to control your light switch.

The truth is no one can dim your light unless you give them permission to do so.

When around those people, the answer is to turn up your own inner light. No one can touch you when you’re rocking it to your own inner light.

Your light is your power. Your power is driven by your light. 

Sometimes we have a tendency to dim our own light for others to make them feel better about themselves. Sometimes you can feel some animosity or envy coming your way. The disservice here is double edged. Not only are you shortchanging yourself but you’re robbing them of the experience of discovering their own light for themselves.

Then, other times they may just want to stand in your light for awhile. And, that’s okay and is part of your gift as a light-bearing human being, to use your light, your gifts to teach and inspire.

The true awakening happens when you realize you’re in control of your own dimmer switch.

We’re always reflecting each other's light.

It’s comforting to know that our inner light never goes out. Never. Even when this human life ends, the light is connected to your soul and your soul lights on.

We began as light. We continue as light. We bear light. We share light. We connect to source with light. We inspire the world with light.

Light is energy. Just as we are energy.

So, embrace your light. And, find your place in the sun.