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The word prompt of the day is discernment. It’s simply defined as the ability to judge well. There’s a certain amount of rigidity to the word, but when one is discerning there’s a trust of self that organically takes place, which actually is an opening for truth. If the discerning instinct is ignored it can lead to an error in judgment, a missed opportunity, a feeling of in-authenticity and even heartache. I also think of discernment as a deliberate process. Sometimes it’s so clear it can happen in an instant, but often it’s not so clear. For big things that matter, there’s much more that goes into discernment. To my way of thinking, consideration of factors (what, when, who, where & how), listening to your own cues, allowing an organic flow to guide you and trusting divine timing are most critical. Making a choice, taking a step – or deciding... Read more →

Here are a few things to ponder this weekend... 1. Talk about a bucket list! Best get started now! Check these out... 2. For Lit Junkies... Check out these very cool te es. You can wear your favorite story. Really. The entire text of the book is on the tee. I'm thinking WIZARD OF OZ! Litographs 3. Interesting Read: Brain Pickings is one of more interesting blogs out there. Writer Maria Popova dives intensely into a topic and captures it richly. Her "subjective lens on what matters in the world and why." It's definitely one of my regular reads. 4. Watch & Choose: It's Pilot Season on Amazon and they're letting us help choose their next original series. You watch the three finalist pilot episodes and then vote. It's fun to be part of the process. I have my favorite. Which is yours? 5. Quote to ponder: "The meaning of... Read more →

When Simone Biles nearly fell off the balance beam, I know I was part of a global collective gasp. It was only a split second, but it could have been enough to trash the rest of her routine (it would have for most of us!). But, what happened next was such the mark of the champion that she is. She shook it off. Sure, maybe she rehashed the moment later, perhaps over and over again. I know I would have. But, my guess is she didn't. Perhaps she reviewed it briefly with her coach, but then the focus turned to her final event the next night. And, again it was so clear that she held no residual regrets, because as we all know, she nailed her spectacular floor routine and won Olympic gold. In fact, all through the Games, there are two things successful competitors and champions have in common.... Read more →

Signals from nature never cease to amaze. One morning I was greeted by the most gorgeous blooms on the rosebush next to my driveway. I couldn't resist cutting a stalk to take to my office. So for a week, each morning new buds opened and the pink roses expanded. But what I found so remarkable was that on this one thick stalk were 28 separate buds. Truly. Twenty-eight. The strength of the base stalk fed the buds and maturing blooms in a way that a matriarch might feed her family, or in the way people seed and grow their ideas. Oddly enough it got me thinking about legacy. We all have a legacy, whether we know it not. We will all be known and remembered for who we are, what we've done or what we leave behind. Legacies sung or unsung, global or insular, significant or mundane. My Legacy Bouquet... Read more →