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Focus on the Significance of Simple


“Make it simple, but significant.” ~ Don Draper

I used this quote as the theme for a recent writer’s retreat for one of my beloved clients. It gave us an effective mantra for the weekend, kept us on point and helped to streamline the writing in the most powerful way. Don draper

“Make it simple, but significant” also got me thinking about how we often make things too complicated, in general. I know I do, to the point where sometimes I actually feel complicated.

But, simple is clean. There’s brilliance behind simplicity. And, many of the most significant things in life, when it gets right down to it, are pretty simple. To simplify means to get back to basics, to start with one simple question, idea or statement and then find the significance in that.

Significant is memorable. Significant can be priceless and timeless. Significant is a moment in time. 

So, that’s where significance starts. Focus on the simple: the simplicity of an idea, then another idea, then a question, then this moment, then, then, then… You can be present with simple.

Just as letting go of a result often actually brings the best result, by focusing on simplicity, the significance of a moment or idea will reveal itself as well.

Just a thought... simply.


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