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In Alignment - A Life Philosophy

Early this year science news was abuzz with talk about a rare 5-planet alignment that was visible to the naked eye for the first time in over a decade. In a cloudless sky you could gaze toward the east to see Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars & Jupiter all lined up.

LifeInAlignmentI think a lot about alignment. Being in a state of alignment, more to the point. In fact, I expend a lot of thought, time and energy on this -- living in alignment with my purpose & core values, and continually adjusting my choices, in thought and action, to maintain my homestead in the state of alignment.

You know when things are off, right? Maybe you feel a little unhinged by stress or indecision; or you're engaged in a job or activity that just doesn't feel right; or you know somewhere deep down that you're not centered in where you are; or you're just overwhelmed and overtired, even as you're doing what you love. These are all signals of being out of alignment.

Being in a state of alignment, on the other hand, creates an overall feeling of wellbeing. To my way of thinking, alignment is mainly about acute self-knowledge, knowing what's most important to you, what your core beliefs are and having a solid foundation in your life's purpose. Alignment is a sense or feeling of rightness within your whole being. You know it when it's happening. Simply put, alignment feels great. Out-of-alignment does not.  

If you're body's out of alignment, you go to a chiropractor or healer, or exercise, right? Well, when my life feels out of alignment, there are many touchstones I have that help, sometimes just a simple tweak in thought or action plugs me right back in again.  Here are a few.

  • Reconnect with purpose & core values
  • Meditate or a concentrated time in quietude
  • Write daily
  • Connect with my family
  • Wire in with close friends who keep me real
  • Focus on what's positive in my life
  • Get a solid 7-8 hours of sleep
  • Do Pilates or yoga
  • Clean my house
  • Touch my pets
  • Plug in with my power source - for me it's God, the Archangels and my ancestral spirit guides
  • Contribute to a greater good or be of service
  • Acquire a new knowledge that serves my highest good

A life in alignment is a life on-purpose. That, to me, is a philosophy of life. To be in alignment is to feel good. 

What works for you?