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Long weekends provide even more time to peruse and ponder new and old things. Here's what's on my radar this week. Travel inspiration: In case you needed to be reminded what a spectacularly beautiful country we live in, check out: 50 Small Towns With the Most Beautiful Fall Foliage Which is your favorite? Or do you have one to add to the list? Video: Endearing and awesome words of advice for living and aging gracefully... from all ages. Daily Read: It's true our inboxes are bombarded with all kinds of fodder to chew on and our time gets split in a million directions. I love TheSkimm because it's concise daily news bits bring me quickly up to speed. It was created by two 20-something NBC news producers from their living room sofa. Now, it's gone big time. They've definitely hit a pulse. Recent Binge Watch: A friend just booked a... Read more →