5 Things to Ponder This Weekend
5 Things to Check Out This Weekend

4 Cool Things to Ponder This Weekend

 Time to Ponder 2

There's so much to be informed and inspired by...

And, in this world of information overload and quickening time clocks...

Here are few things I've been touching on this week.



Inspiration Tembi-Missionfor the Belly & the Soul: I'm inspired by my beautiful friend, Tembi Locke, who has turned her grief and story into an inspiring experience for community and communication. The Kitchen Widow, as she puts it, " is a modern take on the age-old kitchen table conversation – an inspirational online platform dedicated to raising awareness about how we can support each other through times of illness and grief. Here we reclaim the lost art of comforting the soul. We do it around delicious food." Her Sicilian recipes are mouth-watering. Check out her take on this kitchen staple: Red Wine-Infused Sea Salt Yum!





Interesting Tidbit45 Ways to Avoid Using the Word Very from South African writer Amanda Patterson. Who knew the word 'very' was so very annoying and very overused? (what I meant to say is, who knew the word 'very' was so aggravating and saturated? Hmmm, okay. 




Helpful Article: I've talked in other posts about how decluttering your space can unclutter your energy and your mind: Clean Your Junk Drawer, Clean Your Mind so I'm always interested in ways to live in that clear space.

Here's some easy daily suggestions form the pros for ongoing unclutter-ness around the house: 9 Things Professional Organizers Do Every Day


Crazy, Genius Words of Encouragement: There's a reason this Jim Carrey graduation speech has gotten over 9 million views. Funny, brilliant and oh so encouraging rules for life. I've watched several times and always take something else away.  The whole thing is juicy, but here are some high points: having no limits (5:00 in), fear (10:20), currency (13:55), Self (18:20), letting go (22:30), hope & faith (24:45)



Enjoy your ponderings and have an incredible weekend!!


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