Clean Your Junk Drawer, Clean Your Mind

How Do You Shake It Up, Baby?

I started a 30-day cleanse this week. It's a fairly intense protocol with two shakes a day along with supplements and a healthy meal. So, for the next month I'll be shaking it up. A lot. Getting rid of my body's toxins and getting healthier.  

Well-shake-it-up-baby-now-twist-and-shoutIt got me thinking about other ways one can begin shaking things up. A great start is to form a group to share and support, other shakers who are equally committed to bringing on change. That's exactly what a few of us are doing together with this 30-day challenge. Our collective ideas lend themselves to more than just a nutritional cleanse.  Maybe some of them will spark ideas for doing a little shaking of your own.

  • Make a commitment - Take one thing, like a cleanse or a new skill or fitness routine or social venture and become a little consumed. Make room in your life to commit to it for a at least 21 days.
  • Set an intention/theme - It helps set the shake up in place and motion. Mine for the next 30-days is Clarity of Mind, Body and Spirit. Life coach and author, Tim Storey said something on Super Soul Sunday last week that inspired my theme.  He said he's very careful about what he allows in his energy field, from music to television, the Internet, conversations he engages in. They all have a direct impact on our thoughts and energies. I decided to include a mind and energy cleanse as well.  Another shaker on our team is doing a vision board to lock in her theme of Sexy & Powerful. Our other intentions are Joy, Bulls-Eye Focus and to Have Fun!
  • Expand the experiment - Ramp it up as you shake it up by expanding the meaning of your experiment. More than one fellow shaker is reading "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo and using the next 30 days to apply the cleanse to their homes. I'm in! Still another is going through the energy experiments in "E-Squared" by Pam Grout. 
  • Find others who are knocking it out of the park - for inspiration. Find like-minded peeps on and off line to ask advice, lean on for support and to share anecdotes. It takes your commitment to another level.
  • Think beyond the initial commitment - what's next in your shaking-it-up-path? Aim higher for the next shake up or go a little deeper within. 

And, take the time to slow down and be present as you shake it up, Baby. Enjoy the process, even the bumps and grinds in the road, including massive detox headaches!  



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