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Want a Guide for Life? Follow the Seasons...

Spring has sprung and Summer has begun! 

Is it just me, or are people more in tune to the change of the seasons this year?  Spring gently eased into Summer, marked by the Summer Solstice and made all of the more special this year with the anticipation of the Supermoon on June 23rd, the day when the Earth is closest to the moon. Get your cameras ready! Summer siesta

I remember craving Summer as a kid, watching the seconds on the clock the last day of school, joining a choir of thousands as we all sang along to Alice Cooper's "School's Out for the Summer." The rush of expectation is still palpable as those long languid days, and all that come with them, approach us.

But, it's more than sunshine, long walks on the beach and 4th of July BBQ's that are cause for pause.  There's an energetic shift that takes place as one season rolls into the next.  It got me thinking about endings and beginnings, how the end point of one thing is also the starting point of another, and how the seasons build upon one other so that the ending and beginning also represent a continuation, an evolution.  The Spring collective energy is all about newness, planting seeds, birth and re-birth; while the Summer energy is about gestating, slowing down, listening and allowing the time to linger.

When you think about it, if we would allow ourselves to go with the flow of the seasonal energetic shifts, life would unfold in the way it's meant to. Many times, when our heads get in the way and we impose our own next steps and deadlines, it causes more stress than success.  However, listening to our hearts and connecting to a higher source will never fail in putting us on the divine right path in the divine right timing. 

In other words, the Spring energy time is when we burst or birth a desire or plant the seed for a big idea, nurture and feed the desire infusing it with hard work and faith or belief.  The Summer energy time is when we allow it to flourish, letting go to the greater power of the universe, surrendering it to God so He can do His thing.  Rest, be lazy, take a siesta, get inspired, fall in love with the beauty around you, enjoy the Summer!

So, then what happens is we're ready to flow easily and effortless into the next season, when the Autumn Equinox takes place, which is all about harvesting and manifesting.  Well, that makes sense!

Sounds like a pretty great guide for life!

"To everything - turn, turn, turn
There is a season - turn, turn, turn
And a time for every purpose under heaven." ~ The Byrds

Be the seasons...

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