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6 Reasons Why Progress, Not Perfection


I read this phrase the other day. 

"Progress, not perfection." 

It got me thinking about the lightness of the former versus the weightiness of the latter. 

  1. Progress is fluid and open. Perfection is rigid and inflexible.
  2. Perfection is exhausting. Progress is invigorating.
  3. Perfection wears a mask. Progress is transparent.
  4. Perfection is endless because you never get there. Progress is endless because you're always there. 
  5. Perfection focuses on what's not working, the flaws, the not-enoughs, the old paradigms.  Progress looks at what is working, the improvements, the discoveries, the aha moments that come from the realization of looking at things in a new way. 
  6. Perfection is obsessed with time. Progress doesn't measure time because it's right now.  It's a continuation to the next right-now. And, the next. Progress represents the in-betweens, the moments between milestones and goals reached.  

There's beauty in progress. There's simplicity. There's freedom in the unknowing of what comes next. There's wisdom in the path that led to the now. 

Progress is the path. 

Let's live there.