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“I had an epiphany.” We’ve all felt that inspiring moment of realization at one time or another, the powerful insight that was going to change everything. It’s a great feeling, right? Okay, you had an epiphany. So, now what? While reading Step 2 in the Twelve Steps of Overeaters Anonymous this morning – yes, I admit I’m an overeater – I was hit by a wave of epiphany. As part of my work in this program I’ve committed to “no dieting”. Dieting, I’ve learned, for me is an aspect of the compulsive behavior that’s part of the problem and not the solution. Intellectually, makes a lot of sense. But, as a lifelong planner, my mind got to working: how was I going to shed these extra pounds if I don’t diet? Hmmm. I have to figure this out. Cut portions? Cut bread? Cut chocolate? Cut sugar? Cut carbs? Cut, cut... Read more →