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Living in Your Divinity

"He was in his divinity."  That's what Sheryl Crow had to say recently about watching Michael Jackson in action.  She had toured with him early in her career and remarked about standing off stage and witnessing his genius at work, about how he seemed to go to a different place.  "He was in his divinity."

We probably all know, or have seen, people who seem to be doing exactly what they were put on this earth to do.  You know it when you see it.  There's nothing sexier or more attractive than a man or woman in his or her element.  Sometimes they even appear to glow.  They seem grounded, confident and things drift easily to them, whether it's opportunity, money or circumstance.  

It got me thinking about purpose and mission and why-are-we-here, which I think about a lot.  A lot.  I believe, after studying the works of Marianne Williamson, Jean Houston and other thought leaders on this topic, we are here to evolve into our higher selves, and to continually seek our own divinity or genius element.  When you're there, you're connected to the cellular you, your divine purpose.

Have you had a glimpse of your higher self, of your divinity?  Slow down for a moment and think of a Meditation-sunrise-awakening2time when it felt like all cylinders were clicking at once; when time and space became inconsequential, because in the place of divinity, time and space don't exist; when you felt closest to, or one with, God; or when you felt a sense of ease like never before.  Everything flowed from one moment to the next to the next.  Sometimes the divinity lasts for only a moment. But, when you're doing what you were meant to do it can stay with you.  Your consciousness raises to a place where you're most connected, tapped in and turned on to the divine.  When it happens over and over again it becomes your own vortex of divinity, generating a force of energy that brings more of the same to you, so that eventually it's where you live.

That's your genius at play.  Your genius thrives on a higher plane, where all of our higher selves live. 

How to get there? 

  • It's an everyday study where you continue to ask yourself the deep questions. Deepak Chopra says if you truly live the questions, the answers will present themselves. 
  • It's slowing down and recognizing the divine moments when they happen.  Where are you? What are you doing? How do you feel? Track it backwards to remember how you got there. 
  • It's getting off the grid. Turn off technology for awhile. It's noise that interrupts the flow in the divine place.
  • It's releasing all judgment, of self and others. 
  • It's focusing on nothingness.  Slow down the brain and meditate into nothingness, as in practicing yoga or prayer. Out of the nothingness comes centered focus that leads to higher thought.
  • It's striving for excellence in everything you do.  Excellence in one thing leads to excellence in all things.

In moments of doubt, go back to that place; remember your personal divinity, your glorious purpose.

Can you imagine a place where we all live in our divinity?  Where a sense of genius is commonplace and expected? Where expectations and judgment don't exist?  Where we are free to be?

Oooh, I'll meet you there.  We'll have a playdate.



Forge into the Unknown

There were so many amazing photos posted recently of the Blue Moon.  It was awe-and-then-some!  I took several moments on my patio, breathing into the seeming expansiveness in the air created by the sight of the magnificent orb.  I tried to get a photo, but couldn't capture it.  The best one I found was posted by my friend John Tamerlano on his FB page, so I'm borrowing it!  Thanks, JT.

Just looking at it creates a sense of wonder abouJT Blue Moont what lies beyond it.  It got me thinking about the Unknown and what an impact, good and bad, it can have on our lives, and how the prospect of the Unknown can bring on excitement, anticipation, fear or terror in varying degrees or all at once. 

As we strive to raise the level of our playing field we will continually approach and cross the threshold to the Unknown.

To my way of thinking, it's the actual threshold that has a tendency to hold us back.  It's the threshold that can symbolize the self-imposed barriers that keep us from forging into the Unknown. The fears that are in and of themselves not real because they are the types of fears that were born from past moments, past behaviors and experiences, past outcomes.  They were in the past, not in the present threshold moment.  

A threshold is by definition "an entrance or a doorway." It is also the "place or point of beginning; the outset."  And, to take it further, a threshold is "the point that must be exceeded to begin producing a given effect or result or to elicit a response."  

And, if you break it down, the Unknown in this reference means "it" just hasn't happened yet.  So, crossing the threshold into the unknown simply means beginning something that hasn't happened yet.  If you think about it with that scaled down perspective, forging into the unknown is like everything we do, every second of every day, because every moment is new and hasn't happened before.

Marianne Williamson says that "we either move in the direction of fear or we move in the direction of love." It's a choice. When you approach an unknown, whether it's a new scary project, or a request for help, or a huge job opportunity, take a breath as you approach and reach that threshold moment.  Ask yourself which choice you are going to make, one of fear which will likely keep you stagnate, or one of love which will propel you and give you forward momentum.  

Listen to the wisdom of your body. It knows the difference between the love and the fear. That gentle inner voice always chooses love.

  • Do a sense memory exercise. Think back to a time when you were completely fearless, when you had no inhibitions.  What did it feel like?  Remember the ease, the effortlessness?  
  • Feel called to break the rules. Say it outloud, "I release the urge to play it safe."
  • Let go of the need to be right.
  • Take the first step, every day.  Then, another. Then, another.
  • Don't try. Do.
  • State your self-beliefs as a creed, or manifesto. "What I have to offer I offer with love. I am not cookie cutter. I'm unique. I have an unusual power. I'm good at forming my own communities. I make valuable contributions as a leader. A storyteller. A communicator. I am fearless." 

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do one thing everyday that scares you.”  Yes, even when you make the choice to move in the direction of love as you forge into the unknown, it may still seem scary.  But, it's because you haven't done it yet.  It may still seem scary.  But, do it anyway.  

Choose love. Forge into the Unknown with a knowingness that it's no longer unknown. 

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