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Rekindling Possibility


A recent dinner with dear old friends conjured more than just catching up.  Sure we did a quick rewind through the last three years since seeing each other.  But, with this particular family of friends I always leave much more grounded and inspired than I was at hello.  And, we echoed many stories being told around many dinner tables right now, stories of challenges faced, jobs changed and upcoming choices being made.  There was a shared rekindling taking place. It's the same theme after every encounter with my friends, the Googasians. 

I left them after dinnSanta Monica ferris wheeler and walked across Ocean Boulevard in Santa Monica to gaze out over the ocean.  It was vast and dark and  mysterious.  But, stealing the scene from the ocean was the ferris wheel whirling on the Santa Monica Pier which was bustling with activity.  The ferris wheel was a sight to behold.  At night it glowed with a vibrant spinning kalaidescope of color. 

As I marveled from a distance it hit me what the theme of the evening was.  "Rekindling Possibility."   And, at dinner we sparked in each other a kaleidoscope of possibilities. We challenged each other with thought provoking questions about life, career and love.  I wish I saw them more often; I'd be a better person for it.  

A kaleidoscope is a cylinder of mirrors reflecting colored objects resulting in a surprising, ever-changing and magical vision.  A possibility is an unknown potential outcome that holds promise of success.  So, it's intriguing to think about rekindling your possibilities by looking at them through a kaleidoscope lens.  

  • Kaleidoscope1Be limitless - what have you always wanted to do or create in all the areas of your life?
  • Brain noodle - ask yourself open-ended questions, then allow yourself to not answer them right away. Write down what comes to you over the course of several days.  I call this noodling.  I'm amazed what comes to mind sometimes when I set the question in motion and then noodle it around for awhile.
  • Let the colorful ideas flow - turn the kaleidoscope around and look at trying something in a completely new way.  
  • Keep learning - take a class or read a book to expand your horizon of possibility.
  • Believe - it's important to have full conviction behind your possibilities.  When you believe it can really happen, energy shifts toward making it a reality.
  • Embrace the mirrors - your possibilities are mirrors reflecting your truth. Be honest with yourself and let your heart be your guide.

Finally, stir up your possibilities on a daily basis.  Reflect on them.  Shine a light of curiosity on them. Expand on them.  Accept their promise. 

And, breathe as they become reality.