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Surrender to Surrendering

"I've been noticing lots of changes going on in your life and not enough reflection/writing on your Thought Changer blog, so I'm checking in on you!"

This is what is known as a loving smack-down on Facebook!  My sweet cousin Carol messaged me this week after seeing numerous posts on FB regarding my recent moving sales and upcoming move.  It inspired me and got me thinking about how so often when going through a big transition or change in life we can burrow in, nose to the grindstone and eyes planted two steps in front of us, marred down in process. 

That can be a good thing in terms of focus, but when you write a blog about mindset and thought-provoking change, it would seem to be the most opportune time to lift my head and make note of it all.  This is the good stuff!  This is where the life altering tidbits come to light if you take the time to notice and highlight them. 

So, thanks for the head-lift, Carol!  Surrender-dorothy

Many times the first thing to come up when facing a change or transition, large or small, is resistance. 

With a capital R. 

It's so easy to become complacent or comfortable with the safety of the now.  And, right now my "now" is filled with so many areas of change: selling my house, downsizing to move across town, working on my first "writer for hire" script that's going into production this year, exploring a new relationship, getting a book ready for publishing, etc. 

None of them small on the stress scale, but all of them very good! But, since it's all happening at once, resistance along the desire for all of it is hitting me from all sides.  It can cause sleepless nights and binges on Oreo cookies!

I know the best way, the only way, to move steadily forward with all of this change in the most expansive way is to surrender. 

Surrender with a capital S. 

Yes, I know this.  But, what is it that's so difficult about surrendering?  It can feel like giving in, or like giving up a part of you that ensconced in that safety zone. It got me thinking about what is key to this whole process.  It's seems simple, but it's what finally clicked in recently. 

You must surrender to surrendering.  Let go and let flow.  Slow down.  Raise your head.  Feel what's happening in your body.  Dive into the nervous stomach and jumbled mind chatter.  It's filled with gold.  It's where surrendering meets peace of mind.

Surrender to surrendering.  And, if you still want an Oreo, go for it!