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The albatross gets a bad rap. The oft-used reference to the bird is a metaphor for carrying a heavy burden, "This (fill in the blank) is an albatross around my neck." Before the ancient poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge created this legend in his 1798 poem, the albatross was considered good luck by sailors when it followed their ship. However, in the poem which was inspired by a series of true stories, a mariner shoots the albatross and as punishment his companions make him wear the dead bird around his neck until his death. But, after watching the Discovery Channel's series "Frozen Planet" I'm thinking differently about the albatross. You'd think it would be a breeze to be able to fly with an eleven-foot wingspan. But, a young albatross has an incredibly difficult time getting off the ground. In fact, it takes literally weeks for him to figure out how to... Read more →

It was a shiny new menu sign. All the yummy drink choices with the prices lined up perfectly next to them. Dollar signs aligned vertically in almost lyrical fashion. And, then… an oops. The third item from the bottom, the Ice Blended Mocha, was missing the dollar sign. The $ was “v”. v3.80? Clearly it was a typo on a freshly printed menu board, one that had likely been proofed by several sets of eyes. And, it wasn’t just a local job. This was a board that had been special ordered and hung by professionals. I’ve ordered lunch in this café numerous times and have never noticed this little flaw. So, what do you think happened as I sat there waiting for my lunch order? I was unable focus on anything except for that measly v3.80. The typo. The one imperfect note amidst the otherwise perfect symphony of $$$$$$$$$$$$. What... Read more →