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“We have an inner thermostat that determines the amount of love and success we allow ourselves. When we exceed our setting, we tend to sabotage ourselves so that we can return to the old, familiar zone where we feel secure. The thermostat was set before you could think for yourself, usually in early childhood.” ~ Gay Hendricks, The Big Leap Since Leap Day is an extra day this year, think of it as a gift, the perfect day to take a moment, take a breath and decide where in your life you want to leave the status quo, where you want to take giant leaps! I’ve been thinking about Leap Year for several months now, about how I want to take huge leaps in all areas of my life. Leap Year only comes once every four years, but the beautiful thing is that you can live in your own Leap... Read more →

Gilligan: Hiya, Professor. What are you doing? The Professor: I'm making notes for a book. It's to be a chronicle of our adventures on the island. I think people will buy it, don't you? Gilligan: Sure, I'll buy one. I'm dying to find out what happens to us. ~ Gilligan's Island 1964 It always seemed to me that the stranded castaways on Gilligan's Island had it made; and even though their mission was to find a way to get off or to be rescued, every week they found contentment on their uncharted desert isle. They became increasingly laid back and adapted to life on the island. They were livin' on Island Time. I woke up on Island Time today. I spent this past weekend on Catalina Island and we heard several people use the phrase Island Time. "I'm in no hurry, I'm on Island Time." "The service is slow; they're... Read more →

"For June who loved this garden from Joseph who always sat beside her." Some people do spend their whole lives together. ~ From the film NOTTING HILL Last week my grandmother's house was put on the market, the house she'd lived in for most of her 98 years. My mom sent me a photo of the house and it was so odd seeing it as an empty shell when it had always represented such life for me. My grandmother passed last September. It got me thinking, particularly during this week of Love, about how lifelong love surged through that home. I'm blessed to come from a family of lifelong loves. I don't know the exact numbers, but collectively between my two sets of grandparents, my parents, and my sister and brother-in-law, there are well over 200 years of lifelong loves in my immediate family. A few years ago when I... Read more →