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What's in Your Realm of Possibility?

During a recent cocktail discussion with a friend we got on the topic of travelling and living abroad; I mentioned that at some point in my life I'd like to live in a small town in France. "It's definitely in the realm of possibility," I said.

Later I got to thinking about the Realm of Possibility and what a powerful place that is.  I picture a place of vibrant color, of swirling thoughts and images, of forward moving energy that is at once knowing and brave as it forges toward the unknown, of leaping without fear and without a net.  A place where yes rules and no is not part of the vernacular, where ideas spawn action.  A place where a sense of quiet and calm lives amidst the questions and on the precipice of possible becoming probable becoming actual.

The Realm of Possibility.  To my way of thinking it's one of the most powerful phrases we can use when stating the desire for something to happen.  And, the opposite statement is just as powerful.  If we say that something is "outside the realm of possibility," that statement in itself makes it impossible.  


  • Believe in the possibilities - putting definitive conviction behind your possibilities sets the intention for fruition. 


"I need to believe, that something extraordinary is possible." Alicia Nash, A Beautiful Mind

  • Stay out of lack or negative mindset - the moment you label your possibilities as romantic notions or outlandish dreams they lose their place in the realm.

Pay attention to the mind chatter and thoughts that surface after placing a desire in the realm.  It's within your power to change your mindset back to one of possibility. 

  • Your word is your wand - mind your language around your desires.  When you recognize the magic that can happen behind words full of intention you won't waste them on nugatory and pessimistic idioms.
  • Keep the flow moving - there's no end to the realm.  In fact, it's an ever expanding dimension that becomes more powerful the more it's infused with possibility.  

I don't know about you but I'd much rather live in the Realm of Possibility than outside of it.  I'll meet you there.  We'll have coffee.