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By Cindy Yantis I don't know about you but I went through another holiday season completely overbooked. And, if history repeats itself, by the time the day of celebration actually arrives, I'm exhausted and have thoughts that I'm sure echo those of many others: too many shoppers, too many commitments, too much commercialization, not enough time. And, then the holidays whiz by and you're in the middle of January before you realize it. Maybe you can relate. Well, it hit me yesterday that this didn't happen this year. Sure, I was still overbooked with all of the above and then some, but somehow time felt slower this year, more joyful. It got me thinking about why that might be. To my summation, here's the difference... I took control of my time this year, rather than the other way around. And, what really slowed things down for me were what I... Read more →