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Our stories live in our bones. In our cells. In our hearts. In our minds. In our guts. In our memorys. In our mothers. In our fathers. This Father's Day week, as I was picking out a card for my dad, one that will honor him and what he means to me, it got me thinking about how entrenched he is in my own story, and about how our actions, decisions, attitudes, beliefs and our very lives, are a culmination of all of our stories as well the tales of our greatest influencers, including the good, bad and ugly. My dear friend Tina Alexis Allen has done more than buy a card in honoring her dad with her "one-man" show, "Secrets of a Holy Father," which she wrote and stars in. By transforming herself into him, Tina takes her father's journey through life and the afterlife, confronting and embracing the... Read more →