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The blooming lilies beckoned from my back yard this morning. I answered with my coffee cup in hand as I perused the outstretched buds, which live in seeming peace with a sprout of weeds and dying patch of grass nearby. Usually, when I pay a too seldom visit to my little piece of LA, I focus on the weeds, the dead grass and the wilting flowers. The upkeep seems never-ending. Of course the metaphor hit me over the head this Easter morning. And, it got me thinking about now much easier, and safer, it is to focus on the areas in life that aren’t working. The good stuff is right there in plain sight, but the clouds of negativity, judgment and doubt hover so heavily that we can’t see the opportunity, grace and beauty waiting for us to experience. Re-birth follows death. Thinking about the process as the natural course... Read more →

“The President’s in town.” Seems a simple enough statement. But, when you live in Los Angeles, it sparks a murmur — more often a roar — about something that can bring on blood-boiling discussions in the lives of Los Angelinos. Traffic. Roads are closed. Detours abound. And, at times tempers needlessly flare. Traffic flow stops flowing. Or does it? If you stop to think about for a sec, doesn’t the flow just… change direction? And, if that is true, will those who actually “go with the flow”, planning for and accepting what is, be able to deal with the new traffic flow with reasonable ease and diminished aggravation? It reminded me of a Colorado whitewater rafting trip I took a few years ago. During the mini-prep session prior to the romp down the rapids, our guide helped us don our life jackets, coaching us as much as possible on what might confront us: “lean... Read more →