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My Body Wants a Pear

Day nine of the new year and so far I've stuck to my "new" eating plan.  "New" is in parentheses because I've started this "new" eating plan HUNDREDS of times.  But, "this time is different."  Right.

But, truly I think it is.

I'm sailing along in the no sugar zone, and really not thinking too much about sugar.  Except for possibly in my dreams when an old woman appears, a wise old woman, and her face looks remarkably like cotton candy.  I wake up when I realize I want to eat her face.  Is that sick, or just the subconscious of a sugar addict?

CupcakesAnyhoo, this morning an email popped into my inbox from Living Social, a great discount site that offers offers enticing incentives for the odd and delectable services and treats.  Todays "Deal" is from Brown Sugar, an insanely yummy cupcake place in LA, advertising a deal on a dozen cupcakes for 18 bucks.  A steal by the standards of any  self-disrespecting sugar addict.  I'm thinking I could eat the entire 12 in one day.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Done.


Then, in total awareness, which I truly have been working on, I stop myself.  Do I really want them?  Uh-huh.  Wait, but really?

I've been delving more into mind-body connection.  I've done yoga.  I've read "Women, Food & God" by Geneen Roth where she talks all about the mind and body disconnection and how that is all connected to food, why we crave certain things and feed other emotions and needs besides hunger.  It all sounds good and makes sense.  I was on that band wagon for a few months.  Then, found myself wanting to eat the old woman's cotton candy face again.

But, today, I finally got it.  I stopped myself from pressing ORDER and asked it again.  What part of you wants the cupcakes?

Here it is. 

My brain wants the cupcakes.  Yup.  My brain wants the double chococate with cream cheese frosting. 

But, my body...  and this happened over the course of seconds, literally, so I had to pay very close attention because usually the brain wins... 

Pears2My body wants a pear! 

My mouth waters just thinking about the smooth pale green skin and juicy cream colored center with a texture that is different than anything else in nature.  And, oh so sweet!

The sugar addict is happy.  And, my brain is placated, almost satisfied.  (it'll take awhile to convince it to surrender)

Mind-body connection.  Complete.

Where is your mind controlling you?  Stop and listen to your true awareness.  What do you truly want?