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Live the Questions "???"

"Live the questions and life will move you toward the answers." ~ Deepak Chopra

I love it when someone says something to stop me in my tracks.  I take it as a sign, a message I'm supposed to hear at that time, in that moment. 

My dear friend Kelly Lloyd recently shared a Deepak Chopra interview with me where he discussed tips for anti-aging and his message above hQuestions-1it me to my core, beyond the anti-aging discussion. 

It got me thinking about how we are so conditioned nowadays to seek the answers, to search and find whatever it is that plagues us on a deep, cellular level. Many times it's that constant "seeking" that keeps us from truly living the lives we have today, right now.  "When I figure out what I'm supposed to do with my life, then I'll be happy."  "When I lose twenty pounds, then I'll date."  "One of these days I'll leave this job I don't like, to find one that really means something to me."  "I don't know how to find out what that would be."  "I know something's missing and when I figure out what it is then everything will fall into place for me."  "When I sell this, achieve that, accomplish this, book that, win this, meet that..."  It goes on and on.  And, this conditioned way of thinking focuses so much of a fantasy future based on a fantasy result that we end up missing our lives!

"Live the questions and life will move you toward the answers."  To my way of thinking this has nothing to do with giving up on setting goals and creating desires in your life, which are invaluable in creating the life you want.  But, rather Deepak's message is to release the worry around it, to surrender to the positive flow of life energy so that your true intentions can organically reveal themselves.  Simply brilliant!

He gave a simple meditation to help you get there.  I vow to do it daily (grin). 

  • Close your eyes.  Breathe in deeply through one nostril and exhale out of the other, repeating until you feel the vibration in your head and body.  Pay attention to your body, feeling the weight in your limbs. 
  • Now, focus fully on your heart with thoughts of gratitude and love, getting specific about what you're grateful for.  It opens your heart wide for the next step.
  • Ask your heart the deep questions: What am I? What do I want? What do I love? What's my purpose?  Now, here's the key.  Don't wait for and seek any answers!  Just ask the questions.
  • Finally, in the deep place, listen for your heart beat.  It will come to you as a beat, a sound or a feeling, but wait for it.  It's a bit freaky, but it totally happens. 

Do this every day and you live in the wonderment of the questions, allowing life to provide the answers.  Imagine an entire day without worry of what's to come in your life, then a week, then a month!  It would be pretty awesome, huh?