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"Live the questions and life will move you toward the answers." ~ Deepak Chopra I love it when someone says something to stop me in my tracks. I take it as a sign, a message I'm supposed to hear at that time, in that moment. My dear friend Kelly Lloyd recently shared a Deepak Chopra interview with me where he discussed tips for anti-aging and his message above h it me to my core, beyond the anti-aging discussion. It got me thinking about how we are so conditioned nowadays to seek the answers, to search and find whatever it is that plagues us on a deep, cellular level. Many times it's that constant "seeking" that keeps us from truly living the lives we have today, right now. "When I figure out what I'm supposed to do with my life, then I'll be happy." "When I lose twenty pounds, then I'll... Read more →

"It's Finally Leap Year!" That's what I imagine people born on February 29th say when a leap year comes around and they get to celebrate their true birthday. Well, it's not technically a leap year, the next one is 2012. But, this is the phrase that came to mind as I set my theme for 2011. I don't like New Year's resolutions. I prefer setting a slate of clear goals and giving myself an overall theme for the year. Goals are great because they give you milestones to put into your life GPS for the year. But, the theme. The theme is your undercurrent, your throughline, your foundation or your touchstone for the annual journey. It's the platform on which you place your goals and it's the glue that keeps them in place as you forge your path. And, they give an overall meaning and purpose to your plan. One... Read more →

Photo by Mandy von Stahl on Unsplash Awhile back, while attending the five-year-old birthday party of a little friend, I encountered a most surprising artist, who created, truly, the coolest balloon creatures I've ever seen. I think the adults were into it more than the kids. She made me a butterfly which she whipped up in mere seconds, along with alligators (with teeth), dogs, tigers, mermaids, hats, flowers, you name it. This artist was in pure joy creating her art and has been doing it since she was five-years-old herself. It reminded about a story I saw on CBS Sunday Morning, about master ventriloquist Terry Fator, who became fascinated with his art form when he was about ten and perfected it until he became an "overnight success" after winning "America's Got Talent" in 2007. Since then, he's signed a $100 Million dollar deal as a headliner in Vegas. The thread... Read more →

Day nine of the new year and so far I've stuck to my "new" eating plan. "New" is in parentheses because I've started this "new" eating plan HUNDREDS of times. But, "this time is different." Right. But, truly I think it is. I'm sailing along in the no sugar zone, and really not thinking too much about sugar. Except for possibly in my dreams when an old woman appears, a wise old woman, and her face looks remarkably like cotton candy. I wake up when I realize I want to eat her face. Is that sick, or just the subconscious of a sugar addict? Anyhoo, this morning an email popped into my inbox from Living Social, a great discount site that offers offers enticing incentives for the odd and delectable services and treats. Todays "Deal" is from Brown Sugar, an insanely yummy cupcake place in LA, advertising a deal on... Read more →