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When Seeing is Believing - How to Make it Work


“Seeing is believing.” ~ American Proverb  

The past weekend symbolized for many, new beginnings, re-birth and revitalization.  It seemed the perfect time to create a vision board.  So, my two best girlfriends, Ferrell and Kelly, and I spent Saturday exploring our goals, dreams and visions and then created vision boards full of images, words and phrases that brought those to life.   

Yes, mimosas were involved, but we took this very seriously.  So much of this process is changing your mindset from one of “maybe, if and possibility” to one of “yes, now and probability.”  Possibility is awesome; but probability is the seed of certainty.   We brought the goals and visions that we had each laid out at the beginning of the year, educated ourselves about vision boarding principles and then spent an entire afternoon supporting each other’s bold, dream-big-live-big visions. 

And, what was truly beautiful about it, in that ‘yes, now and probability mindset’ by the end of the day the collective energy in the room was one of “yes, of course,” rather than “wouldn’t that be great.”   Vision board 2010 smaller

I kinda can’t stop looking at mine.   It feels powerful, strong, feminine and, not just possible,  but probable and frankly, unstoppable.   

The most powerful thing about creating a vision board, or practicing creative visualization, meditating or praying, is the releasing of the “how.”  Now, certainly I’m not talking about just sitting back and waiting for the things you want to just materialize in your life.  I do believe in setting goals and taking setting steps every day toward the realization of those goals.  But, this way of creating an open and expansive mindset, utilizing the law of attraction, takes it to a much higher lever; a level where you invite the divine to do its thing.  On that plane, it’s not your job to figure out the how.  It’s your job to set the desire in motion by backing it up with a deep belief and then surrendering to receiving the great unknown and what incredible gifts can come to you from there.   

It all comes down to the three rules of the law of attraction: 

  • Desire – acknowledge your deep desires  
  • Believe – believe in the realization of your desires within every fiber of your being  
  • Receive – be open to receiving the result of that desire, however it is to show up for you in your life, be it your career, relationships, health, etc.  And, it may very likely be in a way you didn’t imagine.  The key principle here is the openness.   

What is a vision board?  Simply put, it’s a poster board filled with images, words and phrases you collect from magazine and other printed sources.  The basic notion behind the vision board is to give a physical manifestation to your goals and desires, seeing them with your own eyes, in living color.   

Some ideas for doing your own vision board:  

  1. Gather a group of people together – friends, family, loved ones.  It raises the universal mind.  Create a vision board with your significant other – what do you want in your relationship?  Create one for your business.  Or just get together with friends, as you all create your own.   
  2. Concentrate of key areas of your life – relationships, career, health, home, spirituality  
  3. Use readily available resources to help you with your journey.  I like the book, “The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life," by Joyce Schwarz.   And we utilized Marie Diamond’s techniques for constructing our boards based on her Law Of Attraction number system.  
  4. You can learn more or create online vision boards – check out these venues and resources: join the free club and create your online vision board; good steps for how to create a board on; Vision Board Software & Fundamentals: Here; create one on

The bottom line?  Allow yourself the space to expand and invite glorious opportunity into your midst.  Take possibility to the next level!  

Remember, possibility is awesome; but probability is the seed of certainty.    

Now, that’s the place in which to live!