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“Seeing is believing.” ~ American Proverb The past weekend symbolized for many, new beginnings, re-birth and revitalization. It seemed the perfect time to create a vision board. So, my two best girlfriends, Ferrell and Kelly, and I spent Saturday exploring our goals, dreams and visions and then created vision boards full of images, words and phrases that brought those to life. Yes, mimosas were involved, but we took this very seriously. So much of this process is changing your mindset from one of “maybe, if and possibility” to one of “yes, now and probability.” Possibility is awesome; but probability is the seed of certainty. We brought the goals and visions that we had each laid out at the beginning of the year, educated ourselves about vision boarding principles and then spent an entire afternoon supporting each other’s bold, dream-big-live-big visions. And, what was truly beautiful about it, in that ‘yes,... Read more →