How "Rainbow Thinking" Can Catapult Your Career & Improve Your Life
“I saw it and it happened” – Tips for an Olympic Mindset

There's a Shift Taking Place

For several years now there's been a growing movement of global thought leaders who broadcast their notions and philosophies to an audience of seekers, seekers who crave possibility.  Many of these thought leaders are indeed wise; they speak and teach in sound bites and give (or sell) systems that promise to change lives and/or seriously pad bank accounts.  Many of these mogul leaders have become very rich selling possibility.  And, the problem with some (not all) is that they've become so big that they've lost sight of what made them transformative thought leaders in the first place.  Their celebrity has caused them to become out of touch with the ever-changing groundswell of society, surrounding themselves with gatekeepers and large staffs so that their followers are left feeling disengaged, disregarded and frankly taken advantage of.

There's a paradigm shift taking place in what people respond to.  The most effective thought leaders today must be transparent, real and grass roots. 

The most effective thought leaders are also thought changers.  Thought changers give way more than they get.  They make it their primary mission to help effect change.  What they give is not connected to the almighty buck, but to the service mindset.

Now, I’m all for being paid handsomely for passionate work; I’m a fan of riches in fact.  But, it’s when that disconnect happens where the “thought leader” suddenly seems less authentic, more talking head with a clear focus on charging huge fees for what they “offer,” less about service and content, and more about the sales pitch.  

A main focus of this blog is to shine a light on the true thought changers in this world, those leading the thought changing movement; as well as presenting ideas and new ways to think about what we do every day.

I have my favorites and I welcome your recommended and most admired thought changers.  I may just feature them here!

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