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What are your philosophies and how do they impact your career? A belief is the most powerful magnet in the world. Your beliefs are what push and pull you in all you do in your life. They are your personal magnets. They affect thoughts, feelings, and actions. And when you start to think about what you believe, really what you hold true, then you can recognize some of the philosophies that guide your life. A philosophy is a universal theme or through line that many times drive the events and actions during your lifetime. Your theme or philosophy is the connector to how you build your career and live your life. And they stem from your core beliefs and values. The reason philosophies are important in your career is because when you put together your career blueprint and brand platform, when you're able to put out in the world what... Read more →

Team USA has been having a big week at the Winter Olympics with several visits to the medal podium. My 16-year-old nephew is visiting this week so we’ve been couch fans together. When I spend time with him I can’t help but look for little teaching moments. What can I say? It’s what I do. There’s much to be learned from these incredible Olympic athletes, the greatest being their champion mindset. It got me thinking about how we can apply the elements of this mindset to the betterment of our careers and lives. Snowboarder Shaun White set the field this week in the Men’s Halfpipe event with a first place score in the first run. He didn’t even have to do his second drop; he already had the Gold. But he did it anyway and he raised the bar just that much higher in a sport that he helped put... Read more →

For several years now there's been a growing movement of global thought leaders who broadcast their notions and philosophies to an audience of seekers, seekers who crave possibility. Many of these thought leaders are indeed wise; they speak and teach in sound bites and give (or sell) systems that promise to change lives and/or seriously pad bank accounts. Many of these mogul leaders have become very rich selling possibility. And, the problem with some (not all) is that they've become so big that they've lost sight of what made them transformative thought leaders in the first place. Their celebrity has caused them to become out of touch with the ever-changing groundswell of society, surrounding themselves with gatekeepers and large staffs so that their followers are left feeling disengaged, disregarded and frankly taken advantage of. There's a paradigm shift taking place in what people respond to. The most effective thought leaders... Read more →

There was a magnificent rainbow out my kitchen window recently. It was one of those breathtaking ones where you could see the entire thing from beginning to end. We’d been hit with torrents in Los Angeles; and, this hopeful vista was an organic reminder that there is an end to the storm; it represents a gateway to things better and brighter. It got me thinking about how “Rainbow Thinking” in terms of career, and life for that matter, might go along way toward keeping us focused on what matters. I bloody love metaphors and rainbows are the mother lode. Stop and think about it for a moment. What do rainbows mean to you? Some may say it’s just a sign the rain has stopped. Well, even that simple statement is full of metaphor if you’ll let yourself go there. Other rainbow meanings that come to mind: it’s a sign of... Read more →

3 Keys to Control Your Brand

Okay, there are many reasons why I love British Actor Colin Firth. I won’t bore you with most of them (wink), but a recent quote of his on a TV interview got me thinking. He said, “You get a brand attached to you sometimes whether you invite it or not.” He was referring to how he will probably always be thought of in terms of the iconic role he played, Mr. Darcy, in BBC’s “Pride and Prejudice.” It haunted him in his earlier career. It got me thinking that, even if we’re not aware of it, even if we never utter the words, we all have a brand of one sort of another. So, what’s all this talk about personal brand? Brand shmand. It’s definitely a big buzz word out there in the ether, and arguably an overused one. But, since you already have one, you might as well know... Read more →