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Top 25 Representatives in Hollywood for 2009

It's always fascinating to examine the biggest power mongers in any industry.  I'm particularly intrigued by Hollywood.  These top agents and managers wield of TON of the stuff.  These people control a huge percentage of the decisions that result in either green lighted projects or dead ended dreams. 

Here's the latest newsletter on http://whorepresents.com. Follow the link to read the rest of the article.  They're all listed!

"To measure a talent rep's achievements, look no further than the deals he or she has made. Our first-ever Top 25 gives the insider's perspective on who made the best deals on behalf of their clients over the past twelve months. Whether negotiating a multi-picture contract, or working to bolster an entire company in a volatile market, the measures taken by the representatives on this list have been bold, inventive and profitable..."

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