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What's Your Theme for 2010?

Not Resolutions, But Revelations - Your List for 2010

Maria Shriver has called this the "year of the woman." This causes me to think about those who have left their mark. They are remembered for their gifts. One of Eleanor Roosevelt's many gifts was fearless outspokenness; Jackie Onassis is revered for her grace under pressure; Mother Teresa's selfless heart set her apart and there are countless others. You may not think you stack up to these women in history, but, you can learn from your own herstory or history.

This year instead of making a list of resolutions, putting focus on what you don't have, try making a list Happy-new-year of revelations about the remarkable gifts you already possess and how you'll make them work for you in 2010. As you zero in on your unique talents, you'll discover your potential for success.

Set aside some quiet time and answer these questions to help re-discover your gifts. A part of you knows where you shine, although some of those talents may be a bit tarnished or even forgotten. It's time to polish them off so they indeed shine!

• What did you love to do when you were eleven? It's our most impressionable age and the time when many of us strayed from heart-felt desires due to peer or parental pressure. Think back. Have fun with it. Your eleven-year-old heart's desire could be your true desire.

• What were your favorite school subjects and after-school activities?

• Make note of times in your life when things came easily. What were you doing? How did you feel? Re-create the scene: where were you, what were you wearing, were there smells, colors? Re-live it and think about how you can bring that joy back into what you're doing now.

• What do your closest friends say your gifts are? Survey a friend you knew in school and a friend in your life now. True friends know your heart.

Now create your list of 2010 Revelations, such as "My gift for motivating others will enable me to create successful team meetings at work" or "My creative writing talent will drive me to finish the first draft of a novel" or "I have a unique way of inspiring others to action which will enable me to improve the lives of many."

Take the first week of the year to make your list; you won't believe how powerful it will make you feel about your upcoming year.

When you're done you'll have a launching pad for success.