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“Words, words, words; I’m so sick of words,” were the lyrics sung by Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, which I watched on AMC not too long ago. Her disdain was in sharp contrast with Professor Higgins’ obsessive love of words. This got me thinking about my lifelong love affair with words and the responsibility that comes along with that. I recently saw motivational speaker and author Les Brown address a group of businesswomen. Les skillfully speaks in quotable sound bites and uses words better than many for inspiring people to take action in their own lives. What he had to say about using your words effectively was this, “Never let what you want to say get in the way of what they need to hear.” Bravo. A recent discussion thread on one of the Linkedin groups stemmed from the question, “What 3 words best describe you?” The answers were... Read more →

Top 25 Representatives in Hollywood for 2009

It's always fascinating to examine the biggest power mongers in any industry. I'm particularly intrigued by Hollywood. These top agents and managers wield of TON of the stuff. These people control a huge percentage of the decisions that result in either green lighted projects or dead ended dreams. Here's the latest newsletter on Follow the link to read the rest of the article. They're all listed! "To measure a talent rep's achievements, look no further than the deals he or she has made. Our first-ever Top 25 gives the insider's perspective on who made the best deals on behalf of their clients over the past twelve months. Whether negotiating a multi-picture contract, or working to bolster an entire company in a volatile market, the measures taken by the representatives on this list have been bold, inventive and profitable..." Read the rest HERE. Read more →

One event that never fails to happen when visiting my parents, naturally happened again over the holidays. It’s an event that causes chuckles and shushes from the backseat of the car as Mom and Dad yet again try and conquer the map directions in the front seat, with Dad driving and Mom navigating. And, I use both verbs loosely because no matter who is behind the wheel, they both “drive” and they both “navigate,” equally and at the same time. And, to add hilarity to the situation, last year they bought a GPS navigation system, named her Gertrude and figured “she” would bring peace and harmony to their journeys because Gertrude would carry the navigation burden. But, no! Somehow they found a way to second guess Gertrude as they settled back into their tug of war bliss. I say bliss because my parents have been happily married for 50 years... Read more →

Trivial Pursuit, Guesstures, Taboo, Texas Hold 'Em, Pictionary. You name them, my family and friends have played them. Our past family gatherings have included competitions between the girls and guys, between the age groups, between the siblings, etc. And, it gets competitive, sometimes insanely so! Some of us are more competitive than others, and after knowing each other all or most of our lives, we know those competitive buttons to push and those to stay a mile away from. Does any of this sound familiar? It got me thinking about competition in other areas of our lives, when it shows up and when we go looking for it. When is it healthy and positive and when is it not? When is it limiting and when does it help us soar? I believe in our careers and work environments the healthiest way to address competition is to research and learn about... Read more →

Let’s begin the year with an admission. I like themes. What can I say, I’m one of those sad sacks who likes (pause for effect) theme parties. I’ve been known, in years past, to host nerd parties, dress-like-your-favorite-dead-celebrity parties, mystery dinner parties, bad prom/bridesmaid dress parties, etc. That scary confession aside, I do think it’s effective to give yourself a theme for the year. In good storytelling the theme is the through line from which the main message is derived, or the main questions are answered. When it’s a successful theme all key aspects of the story connect back, in large or small measure, to that premise. When you give yourself an annual theme it becomes a touchstone statement for you to keep coming back to all year allowing your intentions to remain alive. My annual themes invariably have to do with either a mantra that motivates me, an area... Read more →

Maria Shriver has called this the "year of the woman." This causes me to think about those who have left their mark. They are remembered for their gifts. One of Eleanor Roosevelt's many gifts was fearless outspokenness; Jackie Onassis is revered for her grace under pressure; Mother Teresa's selfless heart set her apart and there are countless others. You may not think you stack up to these women in history, but, you can learn from your own herstory or history. This year instead of making a list of resolutions, putting focus on what you don't have, try making a list of revelations about the remarkable gifts you already possess and how you'll make them work for you in 2010. As you zero in on your unique talents, you'll discover your potential for success. Set aside some quiet time and answer these questions to help re-discover your gifts. A part of... Read more →