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The challenging words Ronald Reagan uttered 22 years ago, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall,” still echo today, even 20 years after the actual fall of the wall, this week marking the two decade anniversary. But, who would have guessed then that the “wall” would still exist today for many people in Germany? That being the “wall in the mind.” An article by NBC news producer Doug Adams brings to light how many people in Germany, both in the East and the West, are unable to tear the wall down in their minds. They are locked into the East vs. West mindset where, as Kipling said, “never the twain shall meet.” All sectors, from media to business to government, still compare the two sides which in and of itself fosters the lagging dividing line between them. This particularly clicked in for me after coincidentally visiting the Reagan Presidential Library over... Read more →

“Good leaders know when to follow and when to lead." ~ Bob Proctor, Author & Business Coach Recently I spent time in Las Vegas with nearly 200 amazing entrepreneurs and business leaders at a conference led by powerful business coach David Neagle. And, throughout his teaching he quoted Bob Proctor several times, crediting Proctor as his own mentor and teacher. “It’s lonely at the top.” I heard a former boss utter that one day and it left me cold. But, it got me thinking recently about where that sentiment came from and if it is indeed true. Was the person who first coined that phrase a good leader? Does someone with that frame of mind create a moat around themselves, isolating themselves from further growth and therefore from creating a greater impact as a leader? In today’s most effective business language, that of being transparent and partner-minded, the second you... Read more →