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There was an interesting piece recently on Good Morning America about flowers, and how using a drop of ordinary bleach in flower water keeps the flowers fresher longer. Who knew? So, I wondered, did the first person who tried this do it by accident or by design? It got me thinking about how there’s always an alternative way to get things done. In other words, if the conventional approach is tired or no longer working, look for an unconventional approach that many times will accomplish even more. You may surprise yourself! As Thomas Edison said, “I never failed once. It just happened to be a 2000-step process.” He kept trying different approaches and each one sparked a new idea for the next approach. This most certainly applies when it comes to your personal brand. After you’re solid on what your brand's core values are, look for the unconventional ways of... Read more →

I recently took an on-line quiz that tells what color crayon you would be – if you were a crayon. I was yellow. Okay, it’s a silly quiz but it got me thinking about a person’s true colors. Are you showing your true colors to the world or are you a chameleon, changing colors depending on the perso n you’re meeting with, or because of a certain image you’re trying to project in business or at work? The expression, “showing true colors”, stems from the time of the fighting sail when ship captains would fly the enemy’s flag in order to infiltrate their territory. Then, before attacking, the offensive ship would change its flag to the true colors of the ship’s country. In today’s social terms it means showing your true self and in some connotations where your loyalties lie. The same principle applies when it comes to your personal... Read more →