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“You’re a good papa.” The 7-year-old son in the movie PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS whispered this to his father, Chris Gardner, as he tucked him into bed at the homeless shelter they frequented while Chris, played by Will Smith, struggled to build a better life for them. His father's story became the foundation for his own. Our stories live in our bones. In our cells. In our hearts. In our minds. In our guts. In our memories. In our mothers. In our fathers. This Father's Day week, as I was picking out a card for my dad, one that will honor him and what he means to me, it got me thinking about how entrenched he is in my own story, and about how our actions, decisions, attitudes, beliefs and our very lives, are a culmination of all of our stories as well the tales of our greatest influencers, including the... Read more →

CBS Sunday Morning one week featured a sweet story about a magical little button shop in NYC, Tender Buttons. There are buttons upon buttons for every garment imaginable, with prices ranging from 50 cents to $2000. Some of them are works of art and many are vintage with a full back-story imbedded in between the buttonholes. Storeowner and button collector, Millicent Safro, is very proud of her museum-like button empire and watches over them protectively, preciously, until someone else falls in love with them and takes ownership of them. Oddly, it got me thinking about a discussion I recently had with a friend who was dealing with some boundary issues with a co-worker who really knew how to push her buttons. Out of that dialogue came the mantra: “Be in charge of your own buttons.” When you push a button such as an elevator button, a website button, etc., it... Read more →