A Quote to Live By
A Quote to Live By

3 R ’s for Being Successful

The memory of the original 3 R’s takes me back to grade school, when “Reading, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmatic”, meant the basics in education. The idea was if you nailed the 3 R’s you had a good foundation for learning. And, undeniably, you couldn’t effectively learn other subjects if you couldn’t read or write. Wish it were still so simple today! 

Now, in an ever-changing era of career re-invention and diversifying industries, the following 3 R’s describe essential qualities you must possess to stay current in your career.

§ Resilient – bouncing back from a layoff, or watching an industry transform before your very eyes, means you must be ready and willing for the change. Resilience involves building your coping skills, including stress management and a willingness to look at change as opportunity. Robert Brooks and Sam Goldstein in their book, The Power of Resilience, call it a “resilient mindset” because “mindsets can be changed”.

  • Create realistic goals and visualize their outcome on a regular basis.
  • Be prepared – have a current resume and some ideas for a plan B.
  • Have a positive outlook, which brings on more positive energy – it’s the law of attraction.

§ Relevant – to remain relevant means finding your place among the fast moving trends.

  • Broaden your perspective and widen your horizons by exploring ancillary markets surrounding your current industry. How is your field expanding?
  • Take inventory of your skill set and look for ways to leverage it.
  • Take a class to improve and expand your expertise. On the other hand, teach a course on what you know, making you relevant as the expert others seek out.
  • Create an online presence – it’s THE way to stay current. If you don’t, you’re behind the times. Have a profile that flows easily between all of your social media. 

§ Resourceful – this means continually thinking outside the box.

  • Branch out in other areas you’re passionate about – a hobby can pay off. A recent Wall Street Journal article cites a great example about a woman, who after being laid off, took her Wall Street skills along with her love of cooking with kids and created a business. Read the article to see how she did it: http://tinyurl.com/phv968
  • Network, network, network – join associations, forums and discussion groups, offline and on. Pull out old contacts and make new ones. Create a web between them as you ask for referrals, etc.
  • Find your mentors and ask for help – be specific in your request. People are generally flattered and love to be of assistance and when you’re specific it saves them time, allowing them to focus on your true need.

One Leadership Principles is that of being your own CEO when it comes to selling yourself. You are your best advocate; and the most successful of today’s CEO’s won’t survive without being Resilient, Relevant and Resourceful.

"Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again.” — Jerome Kern