7 Re's to ReAwaken Your Life


By Cindy Yantis

A day spent at the Huntington Gardens in Pasadena was more than I expected it to be. It’s arguably one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. I was there recently with my dear friend, Ferrell Marshall, who wanted to go for inspiration. She's currently in the one-woman play "The Belle of Amherst" in which she brilliantly portrays Emily Dickinson. I joined her at the last minute because I had an inexplicable yearning to be outside in that beautiful nature. I felt like a bear reemerging after a long hibernation.

Because of Emily Dickinson’s lifelong fascination with roses, we focused particularly on the massive rose garden enlivened with over 1500 rose varieties and hybrids, examples include the Passion Rose, Jump for Joy Rose, Exquisite Rose and the Marilyn Monroe & John F Kennedy Roses, which with a stroke of garden humor were placed next to each other.

Breathing in the fresh growth and deepness of new that surrounded us and greeted our hungry senses at every turn, I had a new feeling of life within, a rebirth and renewal.

The Power of RE

It got me thinking about the power of the Re words. I’ve reflected about this before and it hit me again at Huntington Gardens how deeply ensconced Re’s are in the development of spring, and therefore in our lives at this time of year. For sure, in my life right now.

The truth is I have been hibernating, more than usual in fact.

When I broke my wrist on Christmas Eve it meant there were a lot of things I couldn’t do, the most crucial being – at least to me – I couldn’t type because I couldn’t pronate my left hand. So, it made writing – my passion and my why – very complicated. Sure, I could “voice type” straight into a document and write longhand (thank god I’m not a lefty). But, instead, I decided to take it as a sign to stop for a while and to surrender to all that my rehabilitation meant on a deeper level. 

I slowed way down, took a couple classes, did some reading, plenty of soul-searching and spent a lot of quiet time alone. Staring at the wall. A. Lot. Of. Time.

My rehabilitation and recovery (two delicious Re words) allowed me to hibernate deeply in my own truth. And, the reality of my truth is much simpler than the reality I was living before I broke my wrist. 

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So, this brings me back to this season of Re. What I love about the Re is that it brings a fresh lens, attitude, appetite and perspective to whatever you’re doing at any given moment. Or more to the point, a refreshed way of being.

Here are 7 RE's that come to mind to reawaken you:

Re-calibrate your spirit by getting back in touch with nature. It can be really simple. Walk barefoot in the grass. Gaze at the sun. Sink your hands into the soil. Bury your face in a cluster of lilacs.

Reaffirm your goals that are most important by getting rid of those that aren’t.

Reclaim your dreams by keeping them alive every day. Talk about them. Write about them. Take action.

Reignite your relationships by devoting time and energy in those that mean the most to you.

Rejuvenate your system. Get 8 hours of sleep. Meditate. Clean up your diet. Replenish your supplements.

Refocus your game plan by clearing out the extraneous projects; and

Remind yourself about what you love & why you do what you do.

Tis the season to Revivify your life. What Re’s can you add to your list?

Emily Dickinson wrote, “We turn not older with the years, but newer every day.” It makes me wonder if Emily was sparked by the Re as well. I like to think so.

BelleIf you’re in Southern California this week I highly recommend seeing Ferrell Marshall in her luminous performance as Emily Dickinson in The Belle of Amherst. It closes 4/23. Tickets available here.








Giving Thanks Starts Here

By Cindy Yantis

In 1863, Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving as the last Thursday of the month and from then on it was an annual tradition.

His declaration was stated during our nation’s civil war and the underlying message is so apropos today.

“It has seemed to me fit and proper that they should be solemnly, reverently and gratefully acknowledged as with one heart and voice by the whole American people. I do therefore invite my fellow citizens in every part of the United States, and also those who are at sea and those who are sojourning in foreign lands, to set apart and observe the last Thursday of November next, as a day of Thanksgiving and Praise… And I recommend to them that… they do also, with humble penitence for our national perverseness and disobedience, commend to his tender care all those who have become… sufferers in the lamentable civil strife in which we are unavoidably engaged, and fervently implore the interposition of the Almighty Hand to heal the wounds of the nation and to restore it as soon as may be consistent with the Divine purposes to the full enjoyment of peace, harmony, tranquility and Union.” Abraham Lincoln, 1863

It feels good to tap into the early remembrance of what Thanksgiving means on a grand level and to honor and be in gratitude for the core values of us as a national people. At the end of the day it always comes down to that.

It all begins with what we’re grateful for in our own lives. And, to my way of thinking, giving thanks for those same tenets that Lincoln mentioned, on a personal level are a good place to start: “peace, harmony, tranquility...”

So, traditions of giving thanks abound, in a myriad of ways. And, it’s really something to celebrate. 

What are you thankful for? Take a few moments to really give them thought and voice.

To name a few...

I’m grateful for my family and friends, and for people in my life who are my greatest teachers, often giving me lessons that are very hard to receive at the time but end up being necessary and transformative.

I’m grateful for a curious mind and for having a platform on which to invite others to explore and reach a little beyond themselves as well.

I’m thankful for you.

It’s pretty simple. And, necessary. And, important.

Light-thank you


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Rewriting Your "Down in the Dumps"

By Cindy Yantis

Someone recently said they were feeling down in the dumps. I could relate. I’ve definitely been down in there too. Most of us have at one time or another.

Down in the dumps. What does that actually mean? It’s so colloquial that the meaning is different for everyone. It's used for describing a myriad of feelings: sad, disappointed, sick, mournful, regretful, wanting. It certainly equates a state of mind or being. 

What’s actually down there in those dumps? If the dumps are different for everyone, are they a reflection and creation of the beholder, self-imposed and self-decorated? 

So I started thinking, if the veritable dumps are a creation from self, then perhaps there's a way to redecorate, reframe and rewrite the dumps. Perhaps they could be a place of reflection, of self-examination. Perhaps there could be some treasure to Downinthedumps arise from the doldrum. Sometimes retelling or rewriting a scene can change the whole story, just as reframing your thoughts and changing your cognitive mindset about being down in the dumps can help to provide the ladder to climb out or the pathway through.

Most likely, it's rather nebulous down there. We just know it's a "place" we go when things are off or out of alignment. At times, I think of them as dark, dank, lumpy, cloudy, smelly, trashy, where I'm stuck, maybe blue, maybe invisible, maybe exhausted, maybe immobile. At other times is just rather blank and still.

When you find yourself in the dumps, what do they look like? Feel like? What kind of texture are they? Is it a room or a vast cascading cloud that permeates everything? What captures your mind and energy? Is it worry and doubt? Is it futurizing a scenario that hasn't happened yet? Is it beating yourself for not being enough?

The reframe starts in this state of awareness, a recognition of what's happening in your energy, mind and body.

Next, turn on the light. Take a look at your dumps with a little light on the subject. Often a new set of lenses will appear as you see clearly. It's the first step to rewriting the scene, to retelling your present story. Take a look around through this new lens. Several interesting things can happen once the light is on.

For me, things often appear smaller and clearer because I'm able to see the edges, the shapes of what's really happening rather the hugeness of what I might have created in my mind. The problem or issue is simpler, more concise.

What was previously invisible might show up now. The real reason for being down there in the first place. Dig deeper. 

Colors may begin to appear, deep vibrant colors. 

Do questions arise once you turn on the light? Can order be created from the jumbled chaos? Do the valleys appear as deep now that you’re actually taking a good look? Are there ideas hiding there? Can a pathway be cleared to ease your way through?

The reality of time can present itself with the light on. In other words, ask yourself, "Is there anything I can do in this moment about this situation?" If the answer is yes, then do it. If the answer is no, then let it go and come back to it when it's time. Like, if the thing you're worrying about is next Tuesday, and it's Saturday. Stay in Saturday. Do Tuesday when Tuesday comes. 

Perhaps with the light on you can ask yourself what you’re really needing right now. Many times the first answer can be pretty simple, like just taking a first step. Here are some things that have worked for me:

  • Reach out to a friend or coach.  
  • Give yourself needed alone time – sleep, meditate, journal, exercise, be in nature.
  • Get out in public - go to an event, a MeetUp or museum, whatever speaks to you.
  • Make yourself a to-do list to get out of your head.
  • Get back to work.
  • Set a simple routine and stick to it.

After taking some of these steps, describe what it looks and feels like around you now? Is the scene different? Is your outlook fresher? Is your inner dialogue more authentically positive? If any of that is true then you've successfully reframed and rewritten your down-in-the-dumps!

Sometimes the light may be rather dim, a flicker even. That’s okay. A flicker of light can mean hope in an otherwise hopeless moment. Keep on turning up the dimmer switch.

Exploration & Risk: Sexy Bedfellows?

By Cindy Yantis

Yes, it's a scary, sexy killer combo.

Free risk

When I pulled the word prompt card of the day, these two were stuck together. Exploration and risk. Are they meant to be linked? The two words often appear together when talking about science, business and space: Exploration and the risk assessment thereof.

But, it got me thinking about how a marriage between the two ideas offers an interesting allegory for life.

I think of exploration as a road of discovery. Forging around corners of the unknown. Being open to newness. Trying things on for size. Dipping into an experience before fully committing. Digging deep in the microcosm of a thing and then connecting the dots and meaning therein.

So, an explorer? An explorer is a seeker, a questioner, a non-settler. Can an explorer ever really be settled, or are they not happy unless in the field of exploration? Always looking around the next bend?

Risk on the other hand, to my way of thinking, takes exploration to the next level. To safely explore is coloring within the lines. Certainly nothing wrong with that, although often the outcome can be rather beige.

However exploration with risk, skating on the edge of discomfort, where  a choice made could be dangerous in terms of success or failure, yet doing it anyway: that’s risky exploration and is about being truly alive.

Risk-takers often jump without a net, the ultimate in self-trust. They dance in the precipice between staying small and living large.

The time that comes to mind for me is when I made the big cross country move from Michigan to LA to pursue the arts. I had never lived more than three hours from home and I was leaving my comfort zone and everything I knew to forge and explore the bumpy road of discovery. It felt like a big risk because I was heading into the unknown in a much bigger way than I'd done before. I could fail, fall flat on my face. But, I went anyway and it was such an exciting, temperature-raising time in my life.

Risk doesn’t have to be through grand public gestures. Internal risk involves leaping outside of our comfort zone. In fact, the switch often has to happen there, internally, before the great things transpire in our world. 

Within greatness, exploration and risk abide.

The pillow talk between these two bedfellows is passionate and limitless and at times volatile, volatile only in terms of their mutual vibration, vibration that pushes them beyond what or who they were before. Surrendering to this powerful marriage means to continually step up, to grab onto exploration and risk and go, simply go. It’s momentum and marks the powerful agreement that this undeniable nuptial demands.

Now that’s a tête-à-tête I want to be a part of. I’ll even share the pillow.


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How Discernment Leads to a Life on Purpose

By Cindy Yantis

The word prompt of the day is discernment. It’s simply defined as the ability to judge well. There’s a certain amount of rigidity to the word, but when one is discerning there’s a trust of self that organically takes place, which actually is an opening for truth. If the discerning instinct is ignored it can lead to an error in judgment, a missed opportunity, a feeling of in-authenticity and even heartache.

I also think of discernment as a deliberate process. Sometimes it’s so clear it can happen in an instant, but often it’s not so clear. For big things that matter, there’s much more that goes into discernment. To my way of thinking, consideration of factors (what, when, who, where & how), listening to your own cues, allowing an organic flow to guide you and trusting divine timing are most critical. Making a choice, taking a step – or deciding not to – from that place is powerful discernment indeed.

It got me thinking about living a life with perspicacity, a deeper meaning for discernment. Such a great word! In other words, honing the skill of perspicacity will lead to a life guided by insight, intuition and intelligence.

These things come to mind: Discernment determines the next step

  • Slow & steady wins the race – take the time necessary to make a fully informed choice   
  • Know your own heart and mind
  • Be clear on what you value
  • Pay attention to the verbal & non-verbal cues
  • Commit to your choices

A lot of people do and say what feels good in the moment. In many instances this is all the acumen needed to move forward. However, discernment is taking it a step - or several steps - further, particularly in life’s big processes. "Yes, it feels good, but does it align with what I value?" "Does it align with my endgame or vision of purpose (whether it’s a life purpose, or a vision for a specific project/process)?" Or, "Will it distract me from what I really want and what's really good for me or the circumstance at hand?"

Moving ahead with something just because it feels good but doesn’t align with those things can create a false sense of fulfillment that can be fleeting and can derail you from your path or your true desire.

Patience is a virtue for a reason. It’s natural when something awesome presents itself to want it all right now! But the course of things, the natural order, the organic process of… takes time and a honed sense of judgment.

For example, 12-step programs only work when each step is fulfilled before moving on to the next step. Jumping from step one to step 12 will never work because it’s the foundation, knowledge, experience, steadiness and progress through the eleven prior steps that allows a full understanding, acceptance and power of the final step. Which is why they espouse a one-day-at-a-time mantra, as well as a tenet of progress, not perfection.

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It’s the same mindset and principle for many of life’s processes, from getting an education, to building a career, to going through the stages of grief, to falling in love, to exploring a new opportunity, to recovering from a trauma or drama.

The good news is it's often malleable, not carved in stone. Choices can be changed based on new information and deeper knowledge. It's really about slowing down in the moment, taking time, checking alignment and making a discerning choice. 


In Alignment - A Life Philosophy 

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5 Things to Ponder This Weekend


File Aug 14, 10 32 23 AM


Here are a few things to ponder this weekend...   

1. Talk about a bucket list!

Best get started now! Check these out...

Bucket list


2. For Lit Junkies... Oz-tee

Check out these very cool te es. You can wear your favorite story. Really. The entire text of the book is on the tee. I'm thinking WIZARD OF OZ!  Litographs






3. Interesting Read:  

Brain_pickings_Brain Pickings is one of more interesting blogs out there. Writer Maria Popova dives intensely into a topic and captures it richly. Her "subjective lens on what matters in the world and why." It's definitely one of my regular reads.



4. Watch & Choose:   AmazonPilotSeason

It's Pilot Season on Amazon and they're letting us help choose their next original series. You watch the three finalist pilot episodes and then vote. It's fun to be part of the process. I have my favorite. Which is yours?


5. Quote to ponder:

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away." Pablo Picasso 


Have a great weekend!

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Growing Your Legacy Like a Garden

By Cindy Yantis

Signals from nature never cease to amaze. One morning I was greeted by the most gorgeous blooms on the rosebush next to my driveway. I couldn't resist cutting a stalk to take to my office. So for a week, each morning new buds opened and the pink roses expanded. But what I found so remarkable was that on this one thick stalk were 28 separate buds. Truly. Twenty-eight. The strength of the base stalk fed the buds and maturing blooms in a way that a matriarch might feed her family, or in the way people seed and grow their ideas.

Oddly enough it got me thinking about legacy. We all have a legacy, whether we know it not. We will all be known and remembered for who we are, what we've done or what we leave behind. Legacies sung or unsung, global or insular, significant or mundane. 

My Legacy bouquet
My Legacy Bouquet

The beauty of knowing this is that we have the choice to fully participate in and cultivate the kind of legacy we wish to build and leave for others. 

Jack Nicklaus rose to fame as the world's greatest golfer, but he feels his true legacy is his contribution of hundreds of world-class golf courses all over the globe that people will enjoy for generations to come. 

Bill Gates built his fortune as a pioneer in the computer software industry, which is most certainly a large part of his legacy. But, his legacy bouquet grows exponentially through his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation where they generously transform lives. 

And, to that point, there doesn't have to be just one bud or bloom or focus when it comes to legacy. Which, to my way thinking, thanks to the rosebush, removes a lot of pressure. 

So, when the question arises for you - "What do I want my legacy to be?" - there doesn't have to be just one final answer. Just think, by allowing yourself to be that healthy stalk, feeding and nurturing each bud along the way as they grow and impact others, your true legacy or legacies will evolve and lead your way.

How do you want to be remembered?

What's your gift to those most important to you? To the world?

What kind of impact do you want to have on others lives?

How can you expand your own legacy bouquet so that its seeds will carry on long after you're gone?

Most importantly, how can you live your legacy now? 

Just imagine the garden you will grow!



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Living Outside the Comfort Zone

By Cindy Yantis

The morning was alive with questions. I took my coffee and morning reading to a favorite lookout point in Hollywood. It was clear and cloudless with a joy-inducing view of the Hollywood sign. I situated myself so as not to look at the concrete landscape of LA, but rather the mountains, the sign and the scattering of homes tucked into the hills. As a small-town-kid-at-heart, it’s easy sometimes to feel weighed down by the heaviness of the city. I often feel the pull of the land and sky. It brings me back to a sense of home.

So, as I allowed my mind and body to still, as I relished my coffee, the veil over my eyes lifted and serenity peeked in. I was alone and it was heaven. In that moment, a lone bird with a huge wingspan soared across my view. It circled and found its landing spot. It did that a few times, each time the circle growing a bit wider.

It made me wonder if the bird realized it had the entire sky in which to roam, an entire world of sky to explore and a path of unending treetops to land and feed upon. Did he know he doesn’t have a mortgage payment or a job where he has to show up every day? Sure, it's possible he has a family he’s tending to if there are wee ones in the nest. But, I found myself saying, “Don’t you know you have the world at your wingtips? With places that have cleaner air and deeper greens? You have the power within you to go anywhere, with virtually nothing to hold you down. Even the nests you build are temporary, meant to house you for a time. Do you feel free? Or are there creature comforts holding you here?”  

As if by cue, the bird soared out of my scope of vision and I did a silent victory cheer for him. Even knowing that he’d probably be back, I admired the ability to be able to pick up and fly.

It got me thinking about creature comforts.

Do they really comfort us or keep us in the status quo?

Something to think about. The bird seemed pretty content, but you never know what’s lying just beyond comfortable until you step beyond it.

Soaring bird

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Cindy Yantis is the Thought Changer Blog creator & curator. She is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. For more info:

Now More Than Ever, Grace

By Cindy Yantis

Negativity cannot reside in a state of Grace. Only love. Peace. Compassion. Forgiveness. Harmony.

It’s what is needed, now more than ever.



Grace is floating on the wings of the wind,

And being in Grace is allowing the

Breath of the divine to breeze through you,

Levitating you to a place where you drift between dimensions.

 As a kid, the mention of Grace was usually saved for church, some far away notion that was meant for nuns and saints. Other dimensions? Come on, that was for re-runs of Star Trek or when my girlfriends and I held a séance at a slumber party.

But, now? Now, I’ve felt it. I’ve asked for it. And, received it. Sometimes it just shows up.

Grace is state of mind.

Grace is a way of being.

Grace is a divine connection to all that is.

Grace is way of life, however I have fleeting moments of Grace where I am of the air and as the air I’m a part of everything.

Everything, seeping in between the blades of grass and tickling the pads of my cat’s feet.

Pausing to exhale as the house settles at the end of the night and Inhale as my fingers play a fancy tune on my laptop.

But, Grace is really to each his own.

Grace is the reply for gratitude.

Grace is a close sibling of serenity.

Grace is the nurturing force in nature, the calm vibration under everything.

For me, when I remind myself to stop and smell the roses or look at what’s in front of me, that’s when the Grace meets the road. I go with the flow and look on the bright side of things.

Sometimes when I’m stuck, Grace is far away, like on another planet.

But, then I remember.

It’s supposed to be pie. Grace and ease.

It’s supposed to knit one, pearl two.

Then, it just is.

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Cindy Yantis is the Thought Changer Blog creator & curator. She is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. For more info:

Pick a Lane! Follow the Road, Baby

By Cindy Yantis

"I've finally decided my future lies beyond the yellow brick road."  ~ Sir Elton John

I think a lot about that road.

In a “60 Minutes” interview with Lin-Manuel Miranda, Tony Award-winning creator of the musical HAMILTON, Lin-Manuel talked about attending a school for gifted children. He said he looked around and everyone was smarter than him, he was “surrounded by genius, genius kids.” Charlie Rose asked him, “So why do you think I’m sitting here talking to you and not one of your classmates?” He said, “I picked a lane and started running faster than anyone else.”

“I picked a lane!” That lane led to the intense hard work and dedication that made him a true pioneer, recreating the modern Broadway musical. And, man is he ever in his purpose.

One morning, on a recent trip to Costa Rica, I woke up at Rythmia Life Enhancement Center to take a stroll at dawn. I was in the middle of a truly transformative week, and that morning, full of questions and reflection, I came upon a labyrinth, just as the sun rose. 

I’d seen the labyrinth when we arrived and knew I wanted to take spend some time there.

Pick a lane, follow the road.

I took off my shoes so my bare feet could feel the Earth as I slowly walked the Labyrinth. The design of a labyrinth is such so that you continue walking on the singular path, trusting and following where it leads. I did this, pausing in the center for a 2-minute sun gazing meditation – easier said than done, staring into the rising sun – and then continued on the rest of the way until I exited the other side. What surprised me is when I first looked at the labyrinth I thought the path led one way into the center, when in fact the course took the opposite direction. It made me think about how often we look ahead, trying to second-guess an outcome rather than just trusting the plan. I felt something shift in my thinking about process, trust and letting go.

The small stones poked the soles of my feet and it took concentration to surrender to the sometimes painful rocky path, knowing full well that sticking to the very clear course of action laid out in front of me was the best way to get there. Hmmm. 

It’s just so simple. We make things so complicated at times. We get busy, so busy trying to see our next right move and many times, when seeking answers outside of ourselves, we follow someone else’s lead down their road, ending up chasing a goal or dream that was never ours to begin with. Then, we lose our way, our path becomes less clear, albeit hidden behind something other than our own truth.

It Becomes Clear 

That little exercise on nature’s labyrinth gave me a glimpse into how clear the path to purpose really can be.

The next morning I walked the labyrinth again, this time wearing shoes. And, I had to laugh. With that simple aid and ally, shoes, the path was ever so much easier to walk. I still felt just as connected to the journey and actually leaned into it with more clarity because I wasn’t focusing on any pain or obstacle in my way.

I noticed someone watching me from across the campus and interestingly I started second-guessing myself. Judging. Was I doing it right? Should I have started from the other direction this time? What is that person seeing in me right now? 

It got me thinking about how all that's outside of the labyrinth, the path, our purpose, are things that are just that, on the outside. They can be allies or distractions or are simply others feeling their way along their own labyrinths.

The gifts?

  • Pay attention to the signs along the way
  • Receive aid from the allies
  • Learn from the distractions and
  • Keep going on the singular path: trusting, believing and living in that glorious place of curiosity and purpose.

Sir Elton John introduced some new songs at a recent special one-night concert in LA. He definitely picked a lane! Traversing a melodic labyrinth that after 5 decades has given us a soundtrack for many of our life moments. He closed the night with a soulful rendition of “Yellow Brick Road,” as nearly everyone in the audience sang along.

And, then in a satisfied gravel of a voice, he said, “Follow the road, Baby. Yeah.”

So, pick a lane and follow the road.

Yeah, baby.


And, the Beat Goes on Your Path Called Life

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Cindy Yantis is the Thought Changer Blog creator & curator. She is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. For more info: