Raise Your Thoughts to Raise the World

By Cindy Yantis

Love hands

There have been some renovations at my home recently and I was awakened early Saturday morning by the vibration of some power tools in the backyard. The foundation was literally humming and it quickly shifted my energy, making me want to get up and get something accomplished.

It got me thinking about the impact of vibration on energy, thoughts and consciousness, particularly after the past couple tumultuous weeks. I noticed how ill I felt after days of reading divisive, combative and hateful posts on social media as well watching the increase of frightening actions based on hate and fear. You can feel the divisiveness in your mind, body and spirit. It’s splintering.

FB post


So much so that I took a break from all media for a few days. After I posted this, I started thinking more about the power of raising our thoughts to raise the world.



A few nights later I spent an evening with a group of people – people I would call highly conscious – and the collective pain and grief were palpable in regards to what's happening in our nation right now as well as the residuals of the divisive election season. We were all shell shocked and taken by surprise at how deeply we’ve been affected. Many of us felt fractured and torn, down deep, by the discord that’s come to be, by the ground swell of a low, fear-based vibration that’s coming to light.

The Power of the Collective

During that evening I came to understand more the true power of the collective consciousness. Power that can either surge low when people speak despicably toward one another and the seeds are planted for further hate mongering. Or power that can soar high through thoughts, words and actions that foster love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness and a collective healing.

David R. Hawkins in his book, Transcending the Levels of Consciousness: The Stairway to Enlightenment,” says that “consciousness evolves through progressive levels of power that can be calibrated as to relative strength.” In other words, each level of consciousness is mirrored Map-Of-The-Scale-Of-Consciousness with an emotion that carries a measurement of vibration. The lower the calibration number, the lower the vibration and the lower the emotion.

The measurements under 250 on his scale of consciousness are fear-based levels - despair, anger, hate, regret, grief - that lead to what he calls disempowerment: destruction, despondency, humiliation, withdrawal, misery, tragedy. The calibrations 250-1000+ are the love-based levels - willingness, acceptance, love, joy, reason, peace - that lead to empowerment: intention, understanding, forgiveness, revelation, bliss, transfiguration and the highest being pure enlightenment, which is the level of Christ, Buddha, etc.


The Map of Consciousness is a wise guide to live by. The goal is to evolve toward and operate from the higher levels or vibrations of consciousness.

Imagine from this perspective, the power of raising the collective consciousness. That's an unstoppable force of healing and love. And, it starts with each of us.

The Effects on Society

In fact, in his book “Healing and Recovery,” Hawkins illustrates the effects of the levels of consciousness on society. 

Society correlation level_and_problems


You can see how the lower levels of thought and consciousness breed the types of behavior we’ve been seeing come forward more recently. But, the power to change it is within us.

How do you make a shift?

It’s human to feel all of the levels from time to time. This is where choice and self-awareness come into play.

When you feel anxiety or despair over what's in front of you, start by recognizing what you’re feeling and what’s underneath it? Is it fear? Is so, of what? Is it anger? Naming it is the first step to raising the thoughts around it.

A lot of people are feeling anger right now, on all sides of the coin. It's a valid and real emotion. In a 2015 article, "A Clear Map to Your Spiritual Enlightenment," Hawkins says about anger: 

"Anger is very obviously a high energy emotion. However, if an angry person knows how to utilize that anger constructively instead of destructively, it can energize resolve and determination.

Anger in the form of resentment may lead to hatred, grievances, grudges, and eventually even to murder or war. But the process going on in consciousness is one of expansion; for example, when an animal is angry, it swells up. When the cat gets angry, its tail swells up to almost twice its normal size, and the cat tries to look imposing. The biological purpose of expansion is to intimidate one's apparent enemy. The energy of anger can be positive if used to pursue something better, allowing us to move up to the next level."

When you find yourself at one of the fear-based levels, take a pause. Give yourself some love and then blast the situation, person or experience with some love as well. Soon you’ll find yourself out of that place and on our way up a level of consciousness.

Activism coming from raised thoughts and higher consciousness, particularly as a collective force, will result in a much stronger, love-abiding nation and peaceful world.

It starts with one raised thought at a time.


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Are You Wearing Masks That Hide the Real You?

By Cindy Yantis

Unmasking brain injury
Unmasking Brain Injury

There was a beautiful exhibit at an art show I recently attended, called "Unmasking Brain Injury." The base of each mask was the same, but they were all designed, painted and crafted in very different ways – each symbolizing the fear, pain or journey the artist was going through as a result of their brain injury. It was exquisite in the way it captured this community, giving each person a voice and revealing what was underneath the face they were presenting to the world.

It got me thinking about the masks we wear in life, hiding true feelings or intentions, slipping in and out of being authentic - to ourselves and others.

A few years ago I took part in a retreat where the intention was to call in our soul mates. What can I say? I believe in soul mates! There was much introspection; meditating and connecting during the retreat to help us look at this process. At the beginning of the retreat, we drew inspiration word cards that were meant to help guide the journey. I pulled the word “deception.” I was thinking, this doesn’t bode well for someone looking for love! Deception? Really? But, I took this to heart and decided there was probably a reason I pulled that card. And, boy was there.

Upon going deep within during the meditation, it soon became very clear that the meaning for the card, for me, was self-deception, and that there were things I was hiding behind and needed to work on and to let go of before I would be ready to call in a lasting relationship of any kind. Very soon, my entire retreat became about self-love and examining where in my life I was wearing a mask of self-deception.  

The truth is, we all wear masks. For me, my masks were hiding the true intentions and authenticity for who I really was, not how I was showing up in the world at the time. One such mask was hiding a fear of wanting to be liked BY EVERYONE. And, I’d become so attached to that desired result that it was stopping motion in many areas of my life.

This blog, for example. I’d become so attached to what was going to happen when I hit the publish button that I was obsessed over how many likes I got or how many people shared it. So much so, that I lost sight of why I started the blog in the first place. So much so, that I stepped away from the blog for a year after that retreat. I told myself that until I could be very centered on my true authentic purpose for pressing publish – that being to help one person, just one person at a time, to possibly think about something differently in their life, to be inspired to change one thought and thus raising the consciousness of the planet one thought, one person at a time – then I wouldn’t do it anymore.

It wasn’t until I took off the attachment-to-result and need-to-be-loved-by-everyone masks, explored what was underneath those shadow desires and healed the pain connected to them that I was able to put my writing and work back out into the world. It still slides into place from time to time, the mask, but now it’s transparent and I see it for what it is. But, my real intentions are clear.

Those are just a couple of my masks. I’m working on removing them on a daily basis.

Also, it’s easier now to recognize others who are wearing masks. It takes one to know one!

What kind of masks are you wearing? To my way of thinking, masks are usually how our fears show up in the world for us. In reality, our masks are the faces of our fears.

How do you know when you're wearing one? Potentially it's when you’re not in your best self and you know it, or not living your purposeful life and you know it. 


What does one of your masks look like? What does the mask say to you? What is it hiding? Generally it’s a fear. Such as:

  • Not being good enough, or just enough
  • Not feeling important or visible
  • Not being loved
  • Or of being too much so you feel you have to downplay yourself to make others comfortable

I have variations of all of these masks hanging in my psyche closet. When I wear one of them, my behavior can show up as passive-aggressiveness, or isolation, or deflection or exaggerated unflappability. It’s not a pretty thing to admit, but it’s the truth.

What messages is the mask giving you?            

Try taking off a mask, just for a day. See how it feels, the newness, the rawness, the unknowing of what’s going to happen. It may feel a bit scary. Your skin underneath will be fresh and new, after all this is new skin that hasn’t seen the sun. So certain elements may sting as you come into contact with them. When you see one of your fear-based behaviors show up in a situation, try to resist reaching for the mask again. Stay in that space, pause and feel your face without the mask.

That, my friends, is truth. Try speaking what’s in your heart without the mask. Communicating through the vulnerability or fear that’s underneath the mask helps to release it until this becomes your new normal.

Once you’ve removed the mask for good, hang it in your psyche closet. It’s a good reminder of how you used to be before you were fully living in your truth.

If you’re feeling nostalgic for one of your former masks, take one out and wear it for Halloween.


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Want Some Clarity? Embrace the Dichotomy

By Cindy Yantis

“I’m a walking dichotomy.” I said this to someone recently, primarily in an attempt at self-deprecating humor for when I was waffling on moving forward with an action I had mixed feelings about. It created a tug-of-war within. 

But, then I started thinking about the idea of being in a dichotomous state, and what that can mean as a tool rather than a self-deprecation, a deliberate dance rather than a tug-of-war.

The truth is we’re all, at times, walking dichotomies. If we weren’t life would be pretty flat, to my estimation anyway.

A dichotomy is a universe of two completely contrasting and separate things, a division of two opposite schools of thought. Light and dark. War and peace. Feminine and masculine. Analytics and creativity.

What I see is a way to utilize the idea of dichotomy, where we embrace the wisdom of the contrasting states, and foster the gifts of polarity. The contrasting states are all about Dichotomy the feeling. Chances are one may give you a calmer more peaceful feeling and the other a more edgy, slightly off doesn’t-quite-belong-to-me feeling. Neither of them are wrong, potentially. Just contrasting. 

In electricity and magnetism the two poles of polarity, that of negative and positive, are at opposite ends but yet are connected by a flow or charge. So, the state of polarity is held and fed by its own energy and flow, push and pull, give and take, and the power of both.

It’s really such a profound metaphor for life. It got me thinking about how polarity is what makes us interesting as people. Opposites attract. And, in the middle of the opposites, in the midst of the dichotomy can be the place of decision. Or not.

Sitting in the polarity, the dichotomy, the middle of the contrasting states, is where understanding can start to take place within. Mixed signals happen when the waffling is outward, when you say one thing and do another because you’re not clear on which end of the polarity is the right one to lean towards for you in the situation.

Dipping into the dichotomy by choice can be a tool for getting really clear on what you feel, believe, trust and know. When you get quiet in the midst of dichotomy, the clear distinction presents itself. It’s a fork in your road of energy.

From that place, the middle of the polarity, a pause is necessary, even if it’s fleeting and instantaneous. When you’re feeling the push-pull and magnetic effects of polarity, the gift is the awareness of those two powerful forces.

Take the pause, for however long is necessary. Feel and assess the contrasting states. In that oneness, where you are the flow of energy between them, you align with your best choice.

So, am I walking dichotomy? Yeah, I can be. And, I’m okay with that.



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Now More Than Ever, Grace

By Cindy Yantis

Negativity cannot reside in a state of Grace. Only love. Peace. Compassion. Forgiveness. Harmony.

It’s what is needed, now more than ever.



Grace is floating on the wings of the wind,

And being in Grace is allowing the

Breath of the divine to breeze through you,

Levitating you to a place where you drift between dimensions.

 As a kid, the mention of Grace was usually saved for church, some far away notion that was meant for nuns and saints. Other dimensions? Come on, that was for re-runs of Star Trek or when my girlfriends and I held a séance at a slumber party.

But, now? Now, I’ve felt it. I’ve asked for it. And, received it. Sometimes it just shows up.

Grace is state of mind.

Grace is a way of being.

Grace is a divine connection to all that is.

Grace is way of life, however I have fleeting moments of Grace where I am of the air and as the air I’m a part of everything.

Everything, seeping in between the blades of grass and tickling the pads of my cat’s feet.

Pausing to exhale as the house settles at the end of the night and Inhale as my fingers play a fancy tune on my laptop.

But, Grace is really to each his own.

Grace is the reply for gratitude.

Grace is a close sibling of serenity.

Grace is the nurturing force in nature, the calm vibration under everything.

For me, when I remind myself to stop and smell the roses or look at what’s in front of me, that’s when the Grace meets the road. I go with the flow and look on the bright side of things.

Sometimes when I’m stuck, Grace is far away, like on another planet.

But, then I remember.

It’s supposed to be pie. Grace and ease.

It’s supposed to knit one, pearl two.

Then, it just is.

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Here's the Truth About Truth

By Cindy Yantis

How often do we just kind of fudge the truth, or tell a little white lie to make someone feel better or to make things a little easier on ourselves?

How about several times a day?

Research by social psychologist Robert Feldman, who has studied lying for over a decade, showed 60% of people lie 2-3 times during a 10-minute conversation. He also found that most people lie to be more likable or appear more competent.

According to behavioral scientist Dan Ariely - in the documentary “(Dis)Honesty: The Truth About Lies” - it’s all about rationalization. The “fudge factor” leads to people rationalizing that a little lying is okay. He also says that self-deception takes place everywhere. It’s the biggest lie of all. He said, “We convince ourselves the deception is actually truth.”

Well, that piece about self-deception gave me the chills. It got me thinking about Truth, not only as a philosophy of life but also as a GPS system – Truth from the inside out.

Plato was one of the foremost and passionate philosophers on truth. He said:

Truth is the beginning of every good to the gods, and of every good to man… The true lover of knowledge naturally strives for truth, and is not content with common opinion, but soars with undimmed and unwearied passion till he grasps the essential nature of things.” And, “There is nothing so delightful as the hearing, or the speaking of truth. For this reason, there is no conversation so agreeable as that of the man of integrity, who hears without any intention to betray, and speaks without any intention to deceive.”

Okay, brilliant, but easier said than done, Master Plato.

Fear filters the truth. I came to this shocking realization a couple of years ago when I saw this in my own behavior. I have an aversion to conflict and as a result have often manipulated the truth, just a little, in order to avoid conflict. As soon as I recognized this, I made a commitment to use my words carefully but honestly, even if in the face of
conflict. It’s continual work, but my voice has become stronger and managing conflict has become smoother. And, the truth is, I have a lot more self-respect because of it.

Here are some more thoughts about truth: understanding, reframing, speaking, assimilating and living it.

Instead of fear being the filter, I started concentrating on using my heart as the filter. When truth is funneled through love, the truth becomes unfettered but with direct kindness. The unvarnished truth, well told

Truth recognizes its own fences, knowing that manipulation and fudging are but a
whitewash over untruths.

Truth begins at the base of a deep sigh, when the vessel is empty and pure and relying only on its own influence.

Truth listens inward first.

Truth is ancient ancestral wisdom that we know deep in our root, in our bones and in our solar plexus.

Truth is reinforced or belied by words spoken.

Truth can be couched by fear and hidden beneath humor. Conversely, truth can be softened by love and can make us laugh, or cry, hysterically.

Truth has a lot of fancy aliases, such as authenticity, transparency, clarity and realism.

Truth just is.

Truth wants to be remembered. 

Truth wants to be asked. Truth doesn’t need to be answered.

Truth lives in our dreams, in our breath and in our voices, grounded and lowered half an octave.

Truth doesn’t ask for our respect, but fully deserves it.

As a writer, one of my mottoes is, “the unvarnished truth, well told.” That helps me to be honest with my characters and true to their stories.

The unvarnished truth, well told. Now, that's a true tenet for daily life.



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Living in the Space of Possibility

By Cindy Yantis

Space in Possibility

The blueberries were starting to mold. They were big and beautiful round berries from the Farmer’s Market; although a few of them underneath already had the white fur of mold. But, several of the berries on top were still good, so I rescued them, transferred them to another bowl on the breakfast table, and tossed out the bad ones.

Believe it or not, it got me thinking about limiting beliefs and the negative effects they have on possibility, expansion and abundance in our lives. When limiting beliefs pervade our thoughts, they can be very strong and intoxicating because they tap into familiar fears. If they’re not released and tossed away they can infect any new thoughts about possibility and instead create a stagnant field of inaction and paralysis of energy, as well as keeping us stuck in old patterns or stories of lack. Not a fun place to be, particularly when you're working hard to change and elevate your way of being.

I recently finished a 27-day Ellen Whitehurst abundance course through Daily OM. It was full of lots of great exercises and tips. My biggest take away was that true abundance starts with a shift in mindset and energy. Abundance simply cannot exist in a mindset of lack. Just as possibility is incapable of living in a world of can’t.

My close peeps and I talk a lot about possibility. We powerfully hold each other's goals and visions. There's no room for limitation there.

And, one friend recently released a talent manager because he spoke in terms of can’t, and she only lives in a world of anything’s possible. His limiting beliefs were not going to hold her back.

Pam Grout in her book E-Squared: Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality, calls this playing and living in the “field of infinite possibility.”

Tweet: "There’s a lot of space in Possibility."[source: @cindyyantis]

Once you’re there, exploring, dancing, experimenting and feeling the Grace and flow in the space of Possibility, there will sometimes be those who try and give you “advice” about “reality” or who implore you with can’t-afford-that language. It helps to remember that these comments often have more to do with the speaker’s own fears and limited realities than really anything to do with you. But, they are like the moldy fruit and have no place in your fertile field of possibility. If it’s a loved one who offers this advice, it can certainly feel hurtful and frustrating. Take a moment. Step back and separate from your emotions, for just a moment. Find some compassion for their fears and limited beliefs. After all it’s familiar, human and we’ve all been there. But, offer it as detached compassion, because it’s not who you are anymore or who you want to be.

The great news is, being a living example of possibility makes it possible for others to do the same. Be steadfast in your new way of thinking. It’s the only way to true abundance and limitless possibility.


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In Alignment - A Life Philosophy

By Cindy Yantis

Early this year science news was abuzz with talk about a rare 5-planet alignment that was visible to the naked eye for the first time in over a decade. In a cloudless sky you could gaze toward the east to see Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars & Jupiter all lined up.

LifeInAlignmentI think a lot about alignment. Being in a state of alignment, more to the point. In fact, I expend a lot of thought, time and energy on this -- living in alignment with my purpose & core values, and continually adjusting my choices, in thought and action, to maintain my homestead in the state of alignment.

You know when things are off, right? Maybe you feel a little unhinged by stress or indecision; or you're engaged in a job or activity that just doesn't feel right; or you know somewhere deep down that you're not centered in where you are; or you're just overwhelmed and overtired, even as you're doing what you love. These are all signals of being out of alignment.

Being in a state of alignment, on the other hand, creates an overall feeling of wellbeing. To my way of thinking, alignment is mainly about acute self-knowledge, knowing what's most important to you, what your core beliefs are and having a solid foundation in your life's purpose. Alignment is a sense or feeling of rightness within your whole being. You know it when it's happening. Simply put, alignment feels great. Out-of-alignment does not.  

If you're body's out of alignment, you go to a chiropractor or healer, or exercise, right? Well, when my life feels out of alignment, there are many touchstones I have that help, sometimes just a simple tweak in thought or action plugs me right back in again.  Here are a few.

  • Reconnect with purpose & core values
  • Meditate or a concentrated time in quietude
  • Write daily
  • Connect with my family
  • Wire in with close friends who keep me real
  • Focus on what's positive in my life
  • Get a solid 7-8 hours of sleep
  • Do Pilates or yoga
  • Clean my house
  • Touch my pets
  • Plug in with my power source - for me it's God, the Archangels and my ancestral spirit guides
  • Contribute to a greater good or be of service
  • Acquire a new knowledge that serves my highest good

A life in alignment is a life on-purpose. That, to me, is a philosophy of life. To be in alignment is to feel good. 

What works for you?


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What's Your Body Symphony?

By Cindy Yantis

I’ve been spending a couple of days at the ocean, in a place that takes a few u-turns to find. There’s not much here, but oh how I love it. After being in a space of disconnect of late, I could not have picked a more apropos location to reconnect.

BodySymphonyThere’s something about the sound frequency of ocean waves that reignite my engine. In fact, research shows that the frequency of ocean waves connects with your brain waves to create a restorative sense of calm. And, we hear ocean waves via ultrasound waves, but we actually feel the vibrations in our bodies via infrasound frequencies generated by the ocean, vibrations that connect to the body’s chakras or energy points.

 My solar plexus hums, creating the base for my body’s symphony. There’s something very foundational about it.

Ah, a plethora of melodies, chords and dissonance that when fully tuned and in alignment with its conductor, source, my creator, the cacophony becomes harmony and a masterpiece plays out. And, today, the ocean is the downbeat for one glorious concerto!  

I am my body symphony, which is electric. It got me thinking about “I Sing My Body Electric,” the infamous words by Walt Whitman rewritten into this song from FAME, about connecting to that something that electrifies you:

“I sing the body electric
I celebrate the me yet to come
I toast to my own reunion
When I become one with the sun

And I'll look back on Venus
I'll look back on Mars
And I'll burn with the fire of ten million stars
And in time
And in time
We will all be stars

I sing the body electric
I glory in the glow of rebirth
Creating my own tomorrow
When I shall embody the earth.”

The ocean connects me to my own body electric, like nothing else. My veins are wires plugged into the ocean’s current, veins that are the strings – violins, violas and cellos – of the body symphony, and in a matter of hours I feel more alive.

In the middle of the city this surge through my heart can at times feel restless and wanting. But, here it pumps with a velocity and vitality that requires breathing deeply.

What is your body symphony? What makes your soul hum and your heart sing? Go there. Reconnect. 



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And the Beat Goes on Your Path Called Life

Winding path

Do you ever feel like you're walking through molasses - or worse yet quicksand - as you progress toward a goal? I know I have. Things never seem, at the time, to be happening fast enough. For me, it's been a steady, at times stop-and-start, mind bending (or blowing), deepening, maddening, gratifying and continual path toward making a full-time living as a writer. When I allow the frustration that it's not happening yet to creep into my work and consciousness, it always stops the flow, even if it's just for a moment.

I saw this quote the other day and it filled me with peace. 


"Profound commitment to a dream does not confine or constrain: it liberates. Even a difficult, winding path can lead to your goal if you follow it to the end." - Paulo Coelho

The winding path reveals more truth.

It hit me that I've always followed a winding path, for which I have profound gratitude. Gratitude because, for me, the winding path is infinitely more interesting and has led to detours of unexpected guidance, wisdom and magic, even if they are at times couched in questions or pitstops disguised as fear. Because what never ceases to amaze me is that, through the detours, interruptions or distractions, the pathway opens up to an even greater understanding of the goal, dream or mission. 

And, what's interesting is there are straight shots of success that happen all the time along the winding path because the winding path is life.  The winding path is unconventional, which has always suited me better. 

Pieces fall into place that would never show up if divine timing is rushed. My experience has shown me that everything happens in its own timing, diving right timing, as it's meant to be. 

How often do you hear about overnight successes or someone hitting it big when you come to find out that their overnight success took years in the making. I had two occasions recently to witness the amazing results of this very thing. 

I attended the book launch part for friend and author Gwendolyn Womack's first novel, "The Memory Painter." As Gwen stood to introduce her beloved novel (which BTW is a masterpiece of fiction) she told us how it took over ten years for the novel to be completed and to find it's home in the global reading room. Now, Gwen's no newbie writer, she's been writing for decades, but the moniker "first time novelist" is misleading in its representation of this experienced writer. 

And, at a "Madmen" Final Season Event panel discussion at the Director's Guild, moderated by David O. Russell with series creator Matthew Weiner and his Season 7 directors, Weiner went into fascinating detail about how it took him ten years for "Madmen" to become a reality because he stuck so steadfast to his vision for what he knew the show was supposed to be. He had been a professional television writer previously, most recently on "The Sopranos," but it was "Madmen" that his baby, his dream and his purpose. 

Embrace the rhythm of your own drum! My whole life I've been told that I beat to the rhythm of a different drum. For the longest time I sat in judgment of that - self-judgment - as if something was wrong with me. But, now I wouldn't have it any other way. But, it's my drum and I'm the drummer! 

Don't let anyone else determine or dictate what you KNOW to be your path. And, if you're not quite sure what that is yet, read Paulo's words above again and know that it's all in your favor.

Get quiet. Embrace your own drum. Beat it at your own pace. Walk your own path and surrender your own to divine right timing. They belong to no one but you.



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Diamonds In Your Stream of Consciousness?

By Cindy Yantis

"Stop editing." 

It's what I tell myself constantly as I write, or speak. I have such an internal editor. I'm an editor, a slicer, a cutter. It stops the stream of consciousness.

I stop myself. I stop. The invisible door slams in front of my words or thoughts. I slam the door. I slam.

No chance of a stream that flows.

What does a free stream of consciousness look like? Feel like?

It's a river full of everything. At its mouth, it's a cold dam bursting over with trash and fabric and sand, jumbled questions and scrubbing bubble answers, gasoline and olive oil, body parts and brain matter, war and peace, warm peaches and pomegranates, silk and lambswool, and diamonds. 

Diamonds_color fallingBut, it's not until the stream is steady and crystal clear that the diamonds appear, tumbling over the rapids of genius. Through the clear flow, valuable gems appear on the bottom of the stream. In fact the entire riverbed, once visible, is covered with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, aquamarine and topaz. Beckoning with their brilliance, just waiting to be discovered. 

Once the stream is unencumbered, the gems of thought loosen from the riverbed and dance in the currents of consciousness, a tango so seductive we can't wait to tumble among them, twirling and weaving, turning and dipping, then spilling them out onto the page or into a conversation.

The beauty of it is the rapids of gems are always there, always in us: ideas, solutions, aha moments, flashes of brilliance. Even when the surface is calm, the undercurrents are wild and free.

There's a comfort in knowing that everything we desire and need is always in our stream of consciousness. The goal is slowing down often and enough to notice.


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